How to Manage Drop Ship and Special Orders in NetSuite


By the end of this tutorial, you will have the confidence and knowledge to configure and manage drop shipments and special orders within NetSuite. Enabling you to save time and resources while broadening your range of products.

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1. Enable Special Orders and Drop Ship Feature

  • In your NetSuite account and using the administrator role, go to SetUp > Company > Enable Features.
  • Under Items & Inventory, check mark drop shipments and special orders.



2. Mark item as Special Orders or Drop shipped

Activating this feature adds checkboxes in the Purchasing and Inventory section of the item record form for 'Drop Ship Item' and 'Special Order Item'.


3. Enter Prefered Vendor and Purchase Price

  • When you check the special order or drop ship boxes, you'll need to enter a preferred vendor and purchase price for the item.


Important Note

  • NetSuite automatically generates a purchase order directed to the set preferred vendor.
  • Once the checkbox for either option is selected on the item record, the ability to fulfill with on-hand quantity is lost.

What is drop shipping and special orders?

Both features are designed to enhance operational efficiency, expand product offerings, and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining the fulfillment process for non-standard or outsourced products.

Drop shipping is when a business sells products it doesn't physically stock. Instead, the supplier ships the product directly to the customer. Whereas special orders are orders for products that are not typically stocked or are customized according to specific customer requests.

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