NetSuite OpenAir

Managing Your Services Business with a cloud-based PSA system.


  • A role-based platform that defines what level of access and what kind of information is available to each individual.
  • Resource Management system to easily track and allocate resources through multiple booking times.
  • Detailed and customizable roles, dashboards, metrics and reports.
  • Tools for expense tracking, timesheet entries, project-based accounting, advanced billing, and invoicing processes.
  • Timesheet management made easy with real-time updating of project statuses, and time tracking by project, task, and phase.

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A Better Way to Manage Projects & Resources

Oracle NetSuite’s OpenAir is the ultimate Professional Services Automation tool, re-configured based on feedback from hundreds of companies running the platform daily.

OpenAir handles everything from project management to resource management, expense tracking, timesheet entries, project-based accounting, as well as advanced billing & invoicing processes. From top to bottom, its complex SaaS suite has the capacity to leverage a rapid and efficient PS delivery lifecycle.

Key Benefits

  • It works on its own free mobile app available on Google, Android and Apple Phones) so that you can enter your timesheets wherever you go. That way, team managers can easily review and approve directly from the app and in real-time – it’s accessible & secure
  • Out-of-the-box complete set of roles and dashboards, metrics and reports – cutting down on the time to implement. You have more than 70 automatic reports preconfigured in OpenAir, as well as templates available to reduce time creating new projects using billing rules.
  • OpenAir is a role-based operation platform which defines what level of access and what kind of information is available to each individual. Every role comes with a pre-configured dashboard providing the charts and reports that are most relevant to their responsibilities within the company.


Timesheet Management Made Easy

OpenAir allows users to enter their timesheets and approvals from anywhere in the world, using a browser and an internet connection. Even more, their phone app OpernAir Mobile (available on he App store for Apple owners and Google Play for Android owners) provides users on-the-go with a way to stay connected while travelling. Project managers can easily and rapidly review and approve timesheets directly from the app on their phone.

Managing your timesheets doesn’t need to be a holdup, OpenAir’s project management module is built to facilitate real-time updating of project statuses and compare results versus key deliverables. Track times by project, task, phase – and add comments or descriptions rapidly.


Resource Management at its finest

The ultimate platform for resource management. NetSuite OpenAir provides sophisticated functionalities aimed at streamlining your global resource management to be more effective. You want to be sure that the right resources are allocated to the projects that need them, and at the right time.

OpenAir’s Resource Management system allows you to easily track and allocate resources through multiple booking times, which you can then define based on timeframes for a more in-depth visibility. Proactively forecast and assign resources with built-in graphic, interactive reports.

Integrating OpenAir with Other Systems

You can integrate OpenAir with your existing business systems (front-office and back-office) for an overall seamless process. That way, you can get all the advantages of the cloud without having to give up any of your previous systems or familiar processes. Instead, you can simply increase efficiency by minimizing the manual work for your team, accelerate profitability, improve accuracy in your reporting, and optimize your organization’s visibility with SRP (services resource planning).

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