NetSuite ERP for Canadian Cannabis Companies

Cannabis Companies Grow Faster With NetSuite ERP.

GURUS Solutions is a Canadian 5-Star NetSuite Partner with consultants all across North America. 

We have over a decade of experience building, implementing and customizing NetSuite solutions for a variety of industries, including Cannabis. 

Benefits for Cannabis Companies include:

Facilitate the race to commercialization for new products by automating manual work.

Real-time consolidation capabilities provide access to corporate consolidated results at any time.

Get complete visibility into spending and control costs with real-time reporting and transparency.

Streamline operations and seamlessly handle multiple currencies, taxation rules and reporting requirements with NetSuite OneWorld.

Impress investors with flawless processes and clear data, while preparing for unexpected audits.

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Achieve Fast Growth with NetSuite’s Best-in-Class ERP System for the Cannabis Industry

Here’s where a system like Oracle NetSuite ERP integrates with your legacy system to help you manage the financial side of your seed-to-sale process:

Implementing NetSuite ERP with GURUS Solutions

When you choose GURUS as your ERP implementation partner for your legal cannabis business, you’re getting more than 15 years of experience across all major industries to guide your project. Having worked with a number of cannabis and CBD companies, our team of ERP technical professionals understands your needs and we’re dedicated to working alongside your staff to analyze where your gaps might be in terms of financials, operations and regulations.

Our Unique Sherpa Approach Lets You Customize Your Project

When you choose to take on your ERP project with our GURUS team, you can choose how you want to divide the work. 

Do you have your own NetSuite team and simply want guidance and additional resources to ensure a successful launch? Are you looking for a 50/50 work split? Or are you looking for the right partner with experience implementing NetSuite for cannabis enterprises to guide the project and deep-dive into your processes to ensure a detailed, step-by-step project outline with task breakdown so you get a risk-free implementation?


With our Sherpa system, you can choose from 3 levels of engagement:

  • Sherpa Coach (We take the backseat and coach your team through the project to help mediate risks and ensure a successful launch.)
  • Sherpa Guide (This is generally recommended if you have enough internal resources - we take a 50/50 collaborative approach with your team to dive deep into all of your processes and work alongside each-other, combining our experience with your industry knowledge. This level of engagement also guarantees that your team will expand their NetSuite knowledge on-the-go during the project, so that they’re more system-savvy by Go-Live.)

  • Sherpa Experience (This is our full “white-glove” service, where our team spends time familiarizing themselves with your business model and immerses themselves into your day to day processes, to then deliver a seamless implementation and project launch that will satisfy all of your requirements and more. This level of engagement is attractive if you’re looking for a long-term partner long after Go-Live, because our team will be able to lend extensive support and adapt our knowledge of your business to any future customizations, integrations, upgrades, or other needs you might have in the future.)

Interested in learning more about our Sherpa Approach? Read about it here.


Looking for supply chain made simple?
Having the right ERP in place allows you to track your product from seed all the way to commercialization. Get real-time and streamlined information on inventory tracking, warehouse management, grow ops, growth rate, and leverage NetSuite’s advanced cloud tools to analyze data and provide accurate reports to meet government and investor standards.

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Read our latest white paper and learn how to address the 5 common challenges of a fast-growing cannabis company with Cloud ERP. From setting up the right system infrastructure to securely managing all your processes from seed to sale with real-time data from any device, anywhere in the world.

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Why Choose Us:

  • More than 15 years of experience in ERP services (implementation, integration, customization) across all industries
  • Largest NetSuite Services Provider in North America with consultants across Canada and the U.S.A.
  • 5-Star award-winning NetSuite partner for 9 years in a row
  • We guide you long past project completion and help you get the most from updates, add-ons, and customizations and your needs grow

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