NetSuite ERP Accounting Software for Construction Companies

Choose NetSuite as Your Construction ERP Software for Rapid Growth.

GURUS Solutions is a 5-Star NetSuite Partner with consultants all across North America.

We have over a decade of experience building, implementing and customizing NetSuite Cloud Solutions for a variety of industries in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) space, with a specialized NetSuite ERP System for Construction Companies

Is NetSuite the Best ERP for My Construction Company:

Achieve the ultimate efficiency and effective project control for construction project management.
Automate bookings and billings to handle a growing portfolio of clients & construction projects.
Reduce admin and manual tasks with streamlined financials and time tracking.
All-in-one system for every aspect of your business, from Sales CRM to Resource Management, HR / Payroll, Marketing, and more - with financials at its core.
Smoothly manage your budgeting and finances with automated calculations for raw materials, labor hours, costs, budget changes and projected revenue.
Access crucial data from anywhere, anytime - get NetSuite ERP information at your fingertips on-site.
Establish costs for each project and accurately manage equipment allocation based on detailed forecasts.
Schedule tasks with NetSuite’s time management functionality to assess time and resource requirements and stay on budget and timeline.

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Integrate NetSuite ERP with Procore Construction Management Software

GURUS leverages nearly two decades of ERP and NetSuite knowledge and experience to build and execute the best-in-class integrated system architecture for Construction businesses. Through an integrated all-in-one stack that includes the best-in-breed capabilities of Procore for Construction Management and the proven ability to help streamline crucial tasks.

Achieve Fast Growth with NetSuite’s Best-in-Class ERP Software for Construction Accounting

Streamlined Financials

Leverage NetSuite’s sophisticated accounting software for Construction to manage all aspects of your back-office - from cost management, General Ledger (GL), taxes, contract accounting, and more. NetSuite is also geared to simplify multi-entity finances with multiple currencies and tax brackets - and can make it easier than ever to manage several subcontractors.

Automatic Updates & New Features Released Regularly

Unlike other ERPs and Accounting Software, NetSuite promotes limitless scalability.

With regular updates, countless new features released throughout the year and an expansive portfolio of ERP modules geared for your construction company requirements, your system grows alongside your business.

Seamless Integration with Procore & All Your Legacy Systems

On top of 15+ years of experience and knowledge in implementing ERP across all industries, including construction firms, GURUS Solutions specializes in seamless integrations between NetSuite and other platforms.

Our team has constructed a powerful connector to ensure streamlined information flow between your NetSuite platform and Procore, so you can get the most from both.

360 Degree Visibility Into Your Business

NetSuite ERP provides Construction companies with a 360 degree overview of all their day to day business operations.

When you choose Oracle NetSuite as a system, you can get a real time view of your business from A to Z, including financials, job cost accounting, project management, payroll, Marketing, inventory, service and client management, CRM, and more. Eliminate any silos that exist between departments to ensure fluid communication across your company and rapid decision-making.

Get All Your Data In One Place

NetSuite ERP acts as the core of your business, while integrating with all your legacy systems and third-party applications (Procore, MS Office, Google, etc) for a single source of all truth. You can access any data you want across all your devices from anywhere in the world.

Always have crucial information at your fingertips for fast decision-making.

Job Cost Accounting

Get maximum insight into your job costs and track detailed information from cost-to-completion, cost-at-completion and progress percentage so that you can have accurate estimates for all your projects.

Calculate Your Own Estimate for Your Construction ERP Package Using Our NetSuite Price Calculator.

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Hear from Rangeland Engineering, one of our clients in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry about why they chose NetSuite ERP & GURUS for their project.

Why Choose GURUS to Implement Your NetSuite Accounting Software

GURUS Solutions is the largest Oracle NetSuite partner across Canada and the United-States. We have consultants based in most major regions across North America ready to come on-site or provide you services remotely. For the past 15 years, our team has built their reputation in everything NetSuite - from ERP implementations to third party app and legacy system integrations, customizations specific to your industry, and much more.

Our team works with a number of companies in the world of Construction, with a unique perspective for delivering the best possible implementation catered to your business infrastructure.

Build Your Project Outline With Our Sherpa Approach

Selecting GURUS as your NetSuite implementation partner when taking on an ERP project for the construction industry allows you to have greater flexibility and more visibility throughout the implementation. Our team has designed the Sherpa approach as the ultimate differentiator in ensuring a successful project completion.

How Does the Sherpa Implementation Approach Work?

Simple - we help you architect your own implementation project. Do you want to lead with an internal team or do you want your implementation partner to take on half the work and collaborate alongside your internal team 50/50 the whole way? It’s all possible with our unique approach.


Interested in learning more about our Sherpa Approach? Read about it here or watch our video.


GURUS offers 3 Different Options When Building Out Your NetSuite Implementation Plan:

Does your construction firm have an internal team of accountants, controllers, project managers and other professionals with enterprise resource planning experience and knowledge? Does your team run a separate construction software like Procore and want to take control of your NetSuite ERP implementation with an internal NetSuite lead? GURUS offers the Coach approach, which means that your internal team can lead the project with our specialized consultants as guides and additional resources to help make sure you quickly overcome any hiccups and have a seamless Go-Live.

Our Guide approach allows for a 50/50 split when it comes to your implementation project, as our team collaborates fully with your own team to combine our NetSuite expertise with your team’s greater knowledge of your business processes. This approach also helps ensure that your team is trained and knowledgeable in most things NetSuite by the time we reach project completion, so that they will be at ease with your new ERP and system architecture.

SHERPA Experience
Do you want your implementation to be as effortless as possible? Our Sherpa Experience approach allows your team to take a backseat while we deep-drive into even the most complex of your business processes, acquire an in-depth understanding of your requirements and execute a streamlined implementation. You get to take advantage of our team’s 15+ years of accumulated knowledge, experience and dedication without disrupting your day to day business by having to allocate your own resources. This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a long-term NetSuite partner that will know your business inside and out, and always be at the ready to help optimize, create custom scripting or answer any questions post-implementation.

Why is NetSuite the Best ERP for the Construction Industry?

Oracle’s NetSuite Cloud ERP platform is built to scale, boasting a vast ecosystem of supporting applications, add-ons and configurations that will adapt to your business as it grows. You get an all-in-one system (CRM, PSA, Payroll & HR, Marketing, Finances) that also supports integrations with your legacy systems. Once you choose NetSuite for construction, you get more than an accounting software - it will act as the core of your system architecture as you expand your business and take on large volumes of projects.

Why Choose GURUS:

  • Nearly two decades of experience in NetSuite Cloud ERP services (implementation, integration, customization) in the construction industry
  • Biggest NetSuite ERP Partner in North America with a team of consultants across Canada and the U.S.A. ready to assist at any time both on-site and remotely
  • Consecutive 5-Star award-winning NetSuite partner for a decade now
  • 9-year consecutive 5-Star award-winning team
  • We guide you long past project completion and help you get the most from updates, add-ons, and customizations and your needs grow

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