NetSuite ERP for Energy Companies

Revolutionize the energy sector with a cloud solution

In an ever-changing industry, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. NetSuite ERP for Energy is designed for companies looking to invest in new technologies as a more efficient way to manage their operations. A cloud solution adapts to unprecedented developments and transitions within the energy sector, preparing companies for the future.

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Key Benefits

Modernize your systems on a local, regional or global scale to improve communication between vendors, contractors, and customers - no matter where you’re located.

Grow your business at an accelerated pace with NetSuite ERP through customizations designed specifically for the energy sector.

Adapt to the dynamic changes of the industry by integrating a cloud platform that provides strategic data forecasting for crucial analyses.

Why is NetSuite ERP the #1 Cloud Solution
for the Energy Industry?

Complete Visibility on all Financials

NetSuite’s data security and compliance ensures all financials are secure with full visibility on budget, invoices, and payments. A complete audit trail helps companies to quickly track, manage, and monitor business processes and workflows, while customized reports and prebuilt, accounting-intelligence capabilities maximize financial performance.

Full Control of Budgeting and Forecasting

Fluctuating industries, such as the energy sector, need to be prepared for anything due to the constant changes in demand and cost. Create strategic forecasting on reports and data for up to 12-months and analyze projected reports versus actual results. Eliminate any “what ifs” through specialized reports and consolidated plans with customization.

Strong Customer Relationships

A complete overview of all constituents provides energy companies with an essential tool to cultivate important relationships with customers. Design personalized campaigns to target leads, prospects, and customers with precise messaging throughout the whole sales cycle.

Clear Insight into Your Revenue

Automate your accounting channels to keep up to date with your revenue. Generate and send out invoices at recurring intervals, with scheduled renewals and reminders to help with additional revenue streams. NetSuite ERP has intelligent features that will automatically report your revenue in compliance with accounting standards.

Optimize Inventory and Supply Chain

Establish a streamlined process when it comes to managing inventory and supply chain. A detailed dashboard highlights how expected sales and purchase orders will affect inventory levels. Avoid phone-calls and manual data entry with the NetSuite ERP for the energy industry self-service capability for partners, vendors, and customers for engaged collaboration from beginning to end.

Regulate Company Spend

Control how to manage company expenditures through tiered pricing, negotiated terms, and pre-specified delivery schedules. Set up purchasing controls and guidelines as well as enforce budget and spend. Automation will facilitate procurement processes for payments where companies can establish specific credit card and debit types. For real-time visibility, NetSuite ERP provides access to spending trends across the organization.

Manage Subsidiaries Around the Globe

Consolidate local, regional, and global business activities with NetSuite OneWorld, which adjusts all currency, taxation, and legal compliances no matter where a business is located. As a business rapidly grows, there is no need to change ERP systems as NetSuite OneWorld provides visibility into all multinational organizations, including a variety of languages to choose from for a better user experience. A single NetSuite account can manage multiple stores, countries, and websites.

360° View of Projects

Manage, collaborate, and complete projects through NetSuite’s PSA & Services module. It’s a streamlined approach that takes into account the full cycle of any project from start to finish. A complete overview enables managers to locate where a project is in the process, who is responsible for what, and pinpoint any potential issues that would potentially delay the due date.




GURUS Business Intelligence

Manage business operations in simplicity with GURUS Business Intelligence (BI) for NetSuite ERP. Customizable dashboards and full-reporting control provide strategic data forecasting within all energy company departments. Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor in real-time important information for stakeholders and business projections. Find out more about GURUS Business Intelligence and our product bundle here.


Oil & Gas

NetSuite ERP is the solution for Oil & Gas companies. In a single system, organizations are able to implement early operational processes including drilling and production. Then, companies will have access to NetSuite customizations and add-ons where they can cover transportation and logistics of crude oil. In the final stage, NetSuite ERP will also manage the end processes such as marketing and distribution.


From solar panels to wind turbines, renewable energy is leading the way for future energy companies. NetSuite ERP for renewable energy is designed to house all core business processes within one platform. Whether you’re a retailer or manage projects in the field, NetSuite’s flexibility enables you to focus on what matters most: your customers and product.


When it comes to the mining industry, there are a lot of processes from start to finish that are all equally important. NetSuite ERP for mining has it all within one system, so you don’t need to go back and forth between multiple platforms for reporting and analysis. Anything from bill batch payments to construction in progress, customizations for mining processes and much more are available within NetSuite.

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