The Advantages of NetSuite ERP for Food and Beverage Industry


If you own a business or work in the food and beverage industry, you know that there are several areas to think about that go beyond just your product offering. Thanks to an ERP platform like NetSuite, you can take advantage of different features across many functions.

Some of the functions in your business that would benefit from an ERP tool include finance, customer service or areas that interact directly with customers, such as sales. Even your payroll team can optimize their activities thanks to a unified, cloud-based platform like NetSuite.

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5 Benefits of NetSuite ERP for Food and Beverage

Again, the food and beverage industry isn’t just about the final output - that is - getting the products out to customers. It’s also about the financials, planning, warehousing and other back-office elements that ensure the products get out on time in their highest quality possible.

There are several functions within NetSuite that can help with this by allowing your teams to collaborate and create a seamless flow of information across the organization. 

Let’s break them down a little further here.

Production Scheduling

This involves the very intricate processes of supply chain management and order management. By keeping a close eye on demand, you’ll have to ensure the supply is available to meet it. On top of that, you’ll want it to get out on time, in good quality, and with transportation costs that can be controlled on your end.

NetSuite ERP simplifies these complex tasks. It offers easy-to-use tools so you can schedule batch production and inspection points after each one is complete. And with real-time updates on where certain production processes are, you can quickly jump in if any hiccups occur. No productivity or time is lost.

A NetSuite EDI integration can further benefit your B2B business by streamlining supply chain activities as well as how shipments are tracked and vendors are notified. 

If you’re working with vendors and suppliers in different regions, an EDI integration will ensure compliance with their various requirements. You’ll be able to connect with and onboard new partners easily without the hassle of using a new system that differs from yours.

It basically streamlines all of your production-related updates as well as the communication across your vendors. You’ll see it all in one place in real-time.



Quality Management

Ensure the best quality product reaches your customers, no matter where they are, thanks to inspection schedules that you can set up directly within NetSuite ERP. You’ll better manage overhead costs from storing unwanted products as well as avoid any wasted products that you shouldn’t be holding. 

Most importantly, you’ll ensure satisfied customers every time, which is what continues to drive future sales.

Reliable Accounting Software

NetSuite Accounting Software is a powerful tool for your financial management and reporting, particularly if your business operates in more than one geographic location. A multi-currency tool, it offers more control over your expense management and revenue recognition. Plus, you get real-time visibility into your business’ financial performance.

NetSuite Accounting Software integrates with other functions like order management, your CRM and ecommerce functions to let employees work from a single source of information.

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NetSuite CRM for a More Efficient Sales Cycle

In order to benefit from a fully streamlined sales cycle - which includes every step from obtaining an order to fulfilling it on time - it’s necessary to ensure full team collaboration. A CRM like NetSuite can be beneficial in a case like this.

NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows for a flow of details that covers the entire customer journey from the moment they come in as a lead. As they go through the cycle and become an opportunity, it’s time to get and fulfill the sales order.

A CRM works because there’s full collaboration between sales and marketing.

Thanks to email campaigns that can be created and executed through the ERP, the actionable leads come in for sales to act upon. By tracking the customers’ activities throughout the CRM, your sales teams can offer the right product at the perfect time - and find great upselling opportunities.

Customer Support

With built-in customer support at NetSuite users’ fingertips, you’re not only improving customer satisfaction, you’re securing new ones. Happier customers lets your sales and customer services teams focus on bringing in new customers and maintaining costs.

NetSuite 360-degree view gives everyone in your organization access to customer information and details so they can quickly answer a call or question. Having access to this real-time information empowers your team with knowledge and lets them effectively upsell whenever they see a chance to do so.

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