The 3 Top Software Solutions For The Food and Beverage Industry


The food and beverage (F&B) industry exists within a unique space that offers services that range from the packaging, delivery, and service of food and drink. The industry includes factories, catering services, transportation services, pubs, delis, and cafeterias. 

Food and Beverage is one of the few industries that can be segmented into two different categories–colloquially referred to as front and back-of-house. Similar to software development, which offers front-end and back-end solutions, F&B conducts business that operates behind the scenes, as well as customer-facing.

Needless to say, this expansive, and oftentimes convoluted, industry requires systems and services that range from a wide variety of specialties to function properly.

And, at the core of either the front-of-house or back-of-house operations, there is necessary software that allows each section to run efficiently.

But what are the best software solutions for your food and beverage business? How can your business benefit from these services?

Continue reading to find out.

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ERP Software for Food and Beverage Industry

It should go without saying that one of the most, if not the most, necessary software solutions for any modern, growing business is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. 

ERP solutions for the food and beverage industry occupy a special place in the ERP market since they frequently need extra manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain functions in addition to standard ERP functionalities.

Finding the proper software, meanwhile, can be challenging, particularly for businesses in the volatile food and beverage sector, because there are so many variables to keep an eye on, including inventory levels, compliance rules, market disruptions, paperwork, quality assurance, etc.

Over 20 sectors throughout the world rely on the services offered by NetSuite to grow, scale, and respond to market changes. To assist F&B businesses of all sizes in managing supply chains, streamlining sales cycles, and other tasks, NetSuite offers a vertical-specific solution designed for the food and beverage sector.

Features include: 

  • Shop floor control, for better visibility and control.
  • Order management with a 360-degree view of your business.
  • CRM & production control for a single source of information.
  • Quality control.
  • Planning and scheduling tools
  • Product data, and Supply chain management
  • And more.

Wondering why we at GURUS choose Oracle NetSuite as our preferred ERP for the F&B industry, or any industry for that matter? Explore our ERP comparison chart to see how Netsuite stacks up against the competition. 

Point of Sale Software

This category of software is geared more toward front-of-house, specifically for those within the hospitality side of the food and beverage industry.

At its core, a Point of Sale (POS) system facilitates transactions of retail sales. But advanced offerings can help with so much more–from inventory management, and sales processing, to basic sales forecasting. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have your POS live within your ERP? Or to have all of your finances under one solution?

If you’re looking into solutions, and you want to keep everything under one roof, then you’re in luck. NetSuite offers one of the industry’s leading eCommerce solutions with NetSuite Commerce.


You’ll have access to a system that combines the features of an expansive eCommerce platform, with POS software, and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool all in one space. 

If you already have a preferred POS solution for your business, NetSuite also allows you to seamlessly integrate your services with your NetSuite instance. Want more information on integrations and connectors?

Explore our NetSuite integrations and connectors page, or reach out to a Boomi integration expert today.

Business Intelligence Software

This is for those who are looking to expand their current practices, and develop their budgeting and forecasting functionality. Business Intelligence, or BI for short, has for the longest time been seen as an expense that far exceeds what a medium-sized business can justify. 

Nevertheless, as technology progresses, costs eventually drop and this is certainly the case with BI.

Business intelligence's overall goal is to use pertinent data to enhance an organization's business operations. Businesses that properly use BI tools and methodologies can turn the data they have gathered into insightful information about their operational procedures and business plans.

If you’ve already implemented an ERP it's likely you already have access to a built-in BI tool, or you at the very least have the ability to integrate your systems. If you’ve chosen NetSuite as your ERP of choice, we at GURUS have just the solution for you.

Business Intelligence for NetSuite, Powered by GURUS, was developed from the ground up to deliver a BI solution that amplifies your data visualizations and improves your budgeting and forecasting capabilities all while remaining competitively priced. 

If you’re interested in exploring more offerings from GURUS for NetSuite, you can take a look at our complete product catalog here.

To learn more about NetSuite Food and Beverage, as well as how we, GURUS, can help you implement a successful ERP project, contact us.

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