Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Empowering health providers to deliver more personal, targeted care.


The Affordable Care Act and outcome-based reimbursement policies create mandates and incentives for providers, payers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies to focus more on patient care and satisfaction. To succeed, the industry needs to evolve from a focus on medical records management to a focus on patient relationships.

Adapt to the Changing Healthcare Landscape. Reduce Complexity, Lower Costs, and Improve Visibility Across Locations.

GURUS Healthcare Cloud Solutions helps healthcare providers to go beyond health records and build stronger relationships with patients.


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NetSuite for Healthcare Services Organizations


Provide patients with a healthy dose of personalized engagement.

Focus on patient relationships, not records. With NetSuite’s specialized functionalities, providers can put the patient at the center of every decision, and deliver personalized interactions with every member of the care team. So patients become active partners in creating healthier outcomes.



Deliver targeted health plan choices and better service.

Competition among healthcare payers is tighter than ever. NetSuite gives your plan the advantage with a 360-degree view of every client. And whether it’s finding a doctor or staying up to date on billing, you can engage 1-to-1 on every step of their journey to optimal care.


Patient-Centered Healthcare

Patient-Centered Healthcare is the new reality.

The affordable care act and outcome-based reimbursement policies create mandates and incentives for providers, payers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies to focus more on patient care and satisfaction.


White Paper: Cloud Computing in Health By Canada Health Infoway

This white paper represents solely the views of Infoway. It is based on Infoway’s research and analysis as well as information from various sources.

The time is right for the health care community in Canada to consider the use of cloud computing as a strategic enabler and tactical vehicle for delivering timely and effective IT-enabled health services for Canadians.

Real-Time Information - Anytime, Anywhere

NetSuite uses the power of the cloud, social and mobile technologies to create an environment that enables everyone from admins to patients to specialists to get the real-time information they need at any time and on any device.

Complete Patient View

NetSuite’s ERP software provides a complete view of the patient:

• Create rich, contextual patient profiles

• Access collaborative care network and health timelines

• Integrate patient data from the electronic health record (EHR)

• Incorporate third-party data from medical devices and wearables

With a complete view of the patient, you have easy access to the right patient information including current conditions and medications, appointment history and communication preferences.

Smarter Patient Management

NetSuite’s cloud services make it possible for healthcare providers to:

• Prioritize tasks across all their patients’ needs

• Segment and manage patient populations

• Map personal and professional caregiver networks

Complete Patient View

NetSuite makes healthcare information more accessible, improving workflows and care outcomes:

• Collaborate seamlessly with care teams and patients

• Assign tasks to caregiver networks

• Share secure messages to any device

With NetSuite’s cloud ERP, care coordinators can securely collaborate and assign tasks across the caregiver network.

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