Cloud-Based Solutions for Laboratories

In recent years, many HLS companies are still struggling to keep up with their growth. This can be, in part, due to their use of a LIMS for all their operations, which can require an overwhelming amount of maintenance work and a vast army of around-the-clock programmers. As consumer expectations increase, and new opportunities and trends arise, a stronger technological backbone will be essential for HLS businesses and practices trying to adapt.

Today’s leading laboratories are evolving with the cloud by integrating cloud business management software suites such as NetSuite with their day to day operations. Modern ERP is transforming how laboratories are run by implementing a trustable business management infrastructure that works in harmony with their pre-existing laboratory information management systems. This removes the pressure of spending costly time and suffering unnecessary delays in order to program LIMS to take on more tasks than it’s meant to handle. Integrating a software like NetSuite can help deal with otherwise complicated and time-consuming tasks like:

  • CRM, accounting,
  • Order management,
  • Data tracking,
  • And customer portals.

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What Can ERP Cloud Technology Do For Laboratories


This way, the laboratory’s internal team can focus on their main priority: Conducting successful research and trials.

In fact, that’s why more and more laboratories and research environments are operating with cloud startup mentalities and applications like NetSuite – which offers 360 degree views of all operations, low IT costs, less paperwork, fast growth trajectory, secure cloud infrastructures. According to new research, pint-sized ventures in recent years are advancing at a faster pace than ever before in the field of pharma innovation. Such companies benefit from a software solution that is affordable enough to fit their short term needs, but also robust enough to scale with their business as it grows.