Complete Manufacturing Workflow with NetSuite


Digital transformation within the manufacturing industry has completely changed the way manufacturers work. The end of outdated and traditional systems have disappeared to open up modern processes to help companies stay afloat.

Generally, the manufacturing process starts with multiple finished goods created from raw materials using both labor and machinery. It then moves onto sales where items are sold for a profit directly to consumers or to other manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers who then sell to consumers.

Oracle NetSuite ERP completely integrates manufacturing workflow management from the moment someone places an order all the way through to delivery.

Meaning sales orders, process planning, building of goods, tracking work orders, finalization of products, and shipping are all managed by NetSuite.

With manufacturing ERP systems, manufacturing businesses have full control of workflow automation and business processes.

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NetSuite Manufacturing Resource Planning

With more than ten different assets available within NetSuite, manufacturing workflows are ingrained with quality management.

From purchase orders to inventory management to order management, the finished product can seamlessly be processed for consumers.

Assembly Item Records

An assembly item consists of material components that are required and subsequently tracked in order to assemble the final product. These are most often used when dealing with purchase invoices and orders.

This is ideal for companies whose products are based on the availability of other stocked inventory. It adds complete flexibility to organizations as there is no pre-planning on what materials are required for each item.

Assembly Work Orders

A process that is not required by all manufacturers; however, if you need to communicate with the production team on an assembly item that needs special attention - specific features, options, materials - then this step is crucial.

A work order enables users to track production dates, assess production plans, identify problems, optimize the production process, and make quality decisions based on accurate data.

Advanced Bill of Materials

The run-down that benefits all manufacturers. The Advanced Bill of Materials (BOM) lists the quantities of everything needed to manufacture a product, from raw materials to assemblies. It will also take into account the inventory you have at all your facilities, if you handle more than one location. 

This is advantageous as it extracts real-time data and reporting to coordinate manufacturing information across company departments for improved project administration, supply chain, systems installation, and construction.

Bill of Materials Member Control for Assembly Items

BOM catalogs the inventory needed for assembly items, whereas the Bill of Materials Member Control for Assembly Items takes it to the next level. It ensures that the right components are included in the assembly builds at the right time.

This is particularly useful as certain components may not be available due to issues in supply chain, seasonal changes, and vendor updates.

Manufacturing Work In Process (WIP)

While waiting for the completed product, companies can enjoy a complete overview of processes with NetSuite ERP for manufacturing.

Work orders can be tracked from the production process to gathering materials to shop floor assembly and finishing with stocking the finished goods in NetSuite.

Native functionalities also support multiple finished goods in NetSuite, where a transformation process adds more than one finished goods to the inventory.

Manufacturing Routing

The manufacturing version of a to-do list. It shows the steps to take in order to complete a product. Manufacturing routing will display high-level details on each task. 

All operational activities are scheduled and recorded against a work order that can include multiple work centers and employees.

Manufacturing Preferences Overview

An important NetSuite module for manufacturing as it houses all the necessary preferences in one place. 

Instead of navigating through multiple tabs in NetSuite, manufacturers can now consolidate their preferences in one single place.

Outsourced Manufacturing

Access to a module dedicated to outsourced manufacturing helps organizations manage external contractors that have been hired to help build or assemble products. 

Not only can organizations track labor costs, but they can also ensure full visibility of all processes that occur outside of their internal activities.

SuiteAnalytics Manufacturing Workbook

For customers that have little record schema or knowledge in query language, the SuiteAnalytics workbook allows the creation of complex workbooks with drag-and-drop editing. 

Dataset templates are available with predefined source data, criteria, pivot tables, and charts. An easier way to have full visibility of manufacturing analytics.

Advanced Manufacturing SuiteApp

Broaden your scope of manufacturing routing with the Advanced Manufacturing SuiteApp, which can be easily installed and provides access to Advanced Manufacturing. 

The connection adds extra resources to manufacturers: define work instructions, associate material usage, comparison between supply and demand, establish planned start and end times.

Manufacturing Mobile

NetSuite applications for manufacturing extend to the mobile SuiteApp which gives that extra control to operators with little ERP knowledge. They can use mobile scanners to report analytics occurring within the shop floor.

Thanks to this beneficial access, customers can improve performance, scalability, customization support, and streamline production activities.

Engineering Change Order

Changes are bound to happen, no matter how much we attempt to predict certain processes. An engineering change order (ECO) is a document that specifies or proposes new product changes to existing items.

This type of order will directly affect your BOMs and subsequently authorize the updates of said changes.

NetSuite Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing companies aim to produce quality products and in order to do so proper production functionality needs to be in place. ERP software like Netsuite is a one-stop solution for manufacturers as it provides everything you require for successful production cycles. 

From A to Z, you really can have it all with NetSuite. From complete workflows to modules, the manufacturing sector has never been in better hands.

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