FAQ: NetSuite for Professional Services


Explained: What is NetSuite ERP?

Answer: NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed to streamline business processes across various industries. For professional services, it integrates project management, resource planning, financials, and client relationship management into a single platform.


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How does NetSuite ERP benefit professional services organizations?

Answer: NetSuite ERP benefits professional services organizations by:

Enhancing operational efficiency

Centralizes data and automates routine tasks.

Improving client satisfaction

Provides real-time project tracking and personalized client portals.

Boosting profitability

Offers tools for accurate project quotations and resource management.

What features does NetSuite ERP offer for project management?

Answer: NetSuite ERP offers comprehensive project management features, including:

Project planning and scheduling

Gant charts and task lists.

Resource allocation 

Optimizes resource utilization.

Time and expense tracking

Simplifies billing and invoicing.

Project accounting

Integrates financial data with project performance metrics.

How does NetSuite ERP enhance client relationship management?

Answer: NetSuite ERP enhances client relationship management by:

Providing a 360-degree view of clients

From initial contact to project completion.

Enabling real-time communication

Clients can access project updates and invoices through customizable portals.

Facilitating better service delivery

By ensuring all client interactions and project details are logged and accessible.

Can NetSuite ERP integrate with other tools and systems?

Answer: Yes, NetSuite ERP offers extensive integration capabilities with other tools and systems. It supports integration with CRM software, marketing automation tools, financial applications, and more through its open API and various pre-built connectors.

What are the customization options available in NetSuite ERP?

Answer: NetSuite ERP is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of professional services organizations. Users can:

Create custom workflows

To automate unique business processes.

Design personalized dashboards

To monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).

Develop custom reports

To gain insights specific to their business requirements.

How secure is NetSuite ERP for handling sensitive business data?

Answer: NetSuite ERP is designed with robust security features to ensure the protection of sensitive business data. It includes:

Data encryption

For secure data transmission and storage.

Regular security audits

To identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Role-based access control

Ensures only authorized personnel can access specific data.

How can NetSuite ERP help in resource management?

Answer: NetSuite ERP helps in resource management by:

Optimizing resource allocation

Ensures the right resources are assigned to the right projects.

Tracking resource utilization

Provides insights into resource availability and workload.

Forecasting resource needs

Helps in planning for future projects and avoiding overbooking.

What kind of support and training does GURUS Solutions provide for NetSuite ERP?

Answer: GURUS Solutions offers comprehensive support and training for NetSuite ERP, including:

Implementation services

To ensure a smooth transition to NetSuite.

Ongoing support

For troubleshooting and system optimization.

Training programs

Customized training sessions for staff to maximize the use of NetSuite’s features.

Are there any success stories or case studies of professional services firms using NetSuite ERP?

Answer: Yes, several professional services firms have successfully implemented NetSuite ERP. For example:

Consulting Firm A

increased project delivery speed by 30% and reduced administrative overhead.

Marketing Agency B

improved client retention rates by 20% through better project transparency.

Legal Services Provider C

streamlined its billing process, cutting invoice preparation time by 50%.

How does NetSuite ERP support financial management in professional services?

Answer: NetSuite ERP supports financial management by:

Automating billing and invoicing

Reduces manual errors and speeds up the payment process.

Providing real-time financial reporting

 Offers insights into profitability and cash flow.

Streamlining expense management

Simplifies the tracking and approval of expenses.

What are some other tools Professional Services Companies have access to with NetSuite ERP?

Answer: There are many tools that can benefit PS companies, such as:

Data Exporting Tools

Sometimes it’s necessary to export your NS data to either Excel or Google Sheets. The GURUS Data Exporter SuiteApp offers users the ability to export NetSuite saved search data to Google Sheets. Contact GURUS to get started with a 14-day FREE trial.

Business Intelligence Tools

 If you’re struggling with NetSuite reporting limitations, you can integrate a Business Intelligence (BI) tool. BI for NetSuite, by GURUS, can also connect to any of your favorite visualization tools such Looker, Tableau, and Power BI.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Take your reporting to the next level with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for NetSuite. Utilize machine learning to develop predictive analytics to help with important decisions during your day-to-day processes.

For more information, check out our Analytics page for a full catalogue of our products and offerings.

How can a professional services firm get started with NetSuite ERP?

  • Contact GURUS Solutions: For a consultation to assess their specific needs.
  • Request a demo: To see NetSuite ERP in action.
  • Develop a customized implementation plan: With the help of GURUS Solutions’ experts.


For more information and to explore how NetSuite ERP can transform your professional services organization, visit the GURUS Solutions website.


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