NetSuite ERP Software for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Scale up your business with Oracle NetSuite’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) specific features and functionality. Maximize your financial management, customer experience, contracts, and more with one of North America’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools.


Top NetSuite Benefits for Internet Companies

  • Reduce manual workloads with smart automation
  • Speed up your financial/month-end closing process
  • Update your order processes with simplified order validation and quality assurance
  • Reduce IT support costs and resources with an all-in-one solution

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Key NetSuite Features For Internet Companies

Financial Management

By offering a broad range of financial management features, such as GL, AR, AP, reporting, and budgeting, NetSuite enables ISPs to efficiently track and manage their finances.

Subscription Billing

With the help of NetSuite's subscription billing features, ISPs can manage complicated billing situations involving recurring subscriptions and usage-based services.

Recognizing Revenue

The NetSuite revenue recognition module assists in correctly recognizing revenue in accordance with various revenue arrangements and compliance standards.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NetSuite's CRM module helps ISPs maintain a comprehensive view of their customers and improve customer satisfaction through customer communication, opportunity management, and support ticketing.

Project Management

ISPs may have projects related to infrastructure expansion, network upgrades, or service deployments. NetSuite's project management capabilities enable ISPs to plan, track, and manage these projects efficiently.

Inventory Management

NetSuite's inventory management features help ISPs track and manage their equipment, devices, and other inventory items. It provides real-time visibility into stock levels, supports multi-location inventory tracking, and automates reordering processes.


NetSuite's procurement module streamlines the procurement process by automating purchase orders, vendor management, and receiving processes.


NetSuite can easily integrate with eCommerce platforms which can be helpful if an ISP runs an online store or offers goods and services online. It offers functionality including shopping carts, order management, and interaction with back-office processes for online stores.

Reporting and Analytics

NetSuite offers pre-built reports and scalable dashboards to track financials, monitor important KPIs, and examine client data.

Integration and Customization

NetSuite provides opportunities for integration and customization, enabling ISPs to modify the system to suit their own requirements and work processes.

NetSuite Implementation For ISP Companies

When implementing NetSuite, an ISP company should consider the following key factors:

Requirements Gathering

Understand and document the specific business requirements of your ISP company. This involves analyzing existing processes, identifying pain points, and defining the goals and objectives for implementing NetSuite.

Data Migration

Plan and execute a smooth data migration from existing systems to NetSuite. This involves extracting historical data, mapping it to NetSuite's data structure, and ensuring data accuracy and security during the transition. Verification and validation processes should be put in place to minimize errors.

User Training and Change Management

Develop a comprehensive training plan to ensure users understand how to effectively use NetSuite. Provide training sessions, user guides, and support materials to facilitate the adoption of the new system. Implement change management strategies to address any resistance to change and promote user buy-in.

Security and Access Controls

Define appropriate security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure proper access controls. Implement user roles, permissions, and multi-factor authentication to safeguard data integrity and prevent unauthorized access to critical information.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Establish a support structure to address post-implementation needs. This includes providing access to NetSuite support resources, conducting regular system health checks, and addressing any issues or enhancements that arise over time.

Why Choose GURUS For Your NetSuite For ISP Implementation

GURUS Solutions, a leading NetSuite partner, specializes in implementing NetSuite for various industries, including ISPs. Our team of certified NetSuite consultants understands the unique requirements of ISPs, providing industry-specific best practices.

GURUS Solutions offers assistance throughout the implementation journey. From requirements gathering and customization to data migration, integration, training, and ongoing support, they ensure a seamless and successful implementation.

Leveraging their deep understanding of the ISP industry, GURUS Solutions can help you tailor NetSuite to address specific challenges and requirements.

GURUS Solutions helps ISPs design customizations and configurations within NetSuite that accommodate future growth and expansion. They recognize the importance of scalability as ISPs' customer base and service offerings evolve.

Beyond NetSuite implementation, GURUS Solutions provides value-added services such as custom NetSuite solutions, NetSuite products, and support. Their expertise helps ISPs maximize the value derived from their NetSuite investment.

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