NetSuite ERP Software for Subscription-Based Companies

Scale up your business with Oracle NetSuite’s subscription-specific features and functionality. Take advantage of industry-leading financial management, customer experience, contracts, and more with one of North America’s top Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools.


Top NetSuite Benefits for Subscription Business Model Companies

  • Reduce manual work with intelligent automation
  • Streamline your finance and month-end closure procedures
  • Simplify order validation and quality assurance processes to improve your order operations
  • Utilize a single, integrated solution to cut down on IT support expenses and resources

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NetSuite SuiteBilling For Subscription Services

In recent years, the transition from transactional sales to subscription services has accelerated across a variety of industries, including software and entertainment. 

Businesses of all sizes and across most verticals have either fully adopted the subscription model or, at the very least, added a subscription component to the products and services they provide.

However, organizations with more conventional sales models do not typically encounter the same difficulties as subscription-based enterprises. A significant one is complex billing, which necessitates automation.

What Is SuiteBilling?

Recurring subscription management and billing are made easier and more automated by NetSuite SuiteBilling. Accurate invoice generation is simplified by support for a variety of price structures and intricate rating scenarios.

Additionally, SuiteBilling enables you to manage the full subscription lifecycle, including the ability to modify subscriptions, prorate billing, combine several charges into one invoice, and automatically produce renewal invoices to increase customer retention.

Top SuiteBilling Benefits For Subscription Companies

Simplified Subscription Management

NetSuite SuiteBilling offers automation capabilities that simplify subscription management processes.

It streamlines tasks such as subscription creation, billing, and renewals, reducing manual effort and improving overall efficiency.

Flexible Pricing and Billing Models

NetSuite SuiteBilling enables subscription-based companies to create and manage flexible pricing and billing models.

Businesses can easily configure complex pricing structures, including tiered pricing, usage-based billing, and one-time charges, to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Centralized Financial Management

NetSuite SuiteBilling integrates seamlessly with other financial management modules, providing a centralized platform for comprehensive financial visibility.

Companies can access real-time data on subscriptions, billing, revenue, and financial performance, enabling better decision-making and analysis.

Subscription Analytics and Reporting

The suite includes robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing companies to gain insights into their subscription business.

Users can access key performance indicators (KPIs), track subscription metrics, and generate customized reports to monitor subscription growth, churn rates, and other vital metrics.

Integration and Extensibility

NetSuite SuiteBilling offers seamless integration with other NetSuite modules and third-party applications, providing a holistic solution for subscription management.

Additionally, it supports customization and extensibility, allowing companies to tailor the system to their specific business requirements.

Streamlined Billing Operations

SuiteBilling streamlines billing operations, reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency.

Companies can automate invoicing, payment collection, dunning, and collections processes, saving time and resources while maintaining accurate and timely billing.

Optimizing NetSuite for Your Subscription Billing Business: 5 Best Practices

Effective administration of recurring contracts is necessary for a subscription business model to reach its full potential. The intricacy of handling these contracts might seem intimidating as your business expands.

NetSuite can help in this situation. With its extensive features, NetSuite ERP equips companies with the tools they need to automate their subscription billing procedures.

To help you with your NetSuite strategy, think about these five recommended practices before starting your subscription billing journey.

Leverage Existing Solutions

Avoid wasting money and time by creating something from scratch. Innovative businesses frequently believe they require a custom billing solution to go along with their distinctive line of goods or services.

But as your business grows, your software development team will likely have to spend more time supporting billing software updates than working on strengthening your core intellectual property.

You can properly divide efforts between billing and product improvements thanks to NetSuite updates, which are released twice a year and are based on industry best practices.

Eliminate Data Silos

Manually synchronizing accounting data between various systems raises the possibility of mistakes and omissions. Massive volumes of data are produced by subscription-based approaches, necessitating consolidation.

Streamlining operations and minimizing accounting errors are both achieved by centralizing your data within NetSuite. Additionally, incorporating other features like inventory management and warehousing improves productivity and guarantees an uninterrupted information flow.

Consider The Full Subscription Lifecycle When Planning

Managing subscriptions powered by devices or services poses additional challenges. Sales and fulfillment may occur at different volumes and timeframes compared to subscription activation.

Additionally, organizations that focus on devices could need to replace or fix hardware while halting the subscription. It can be very difficult to manage these complexities when dealing with various systems.

You can effectively manage the complete lifetime of devices, services, and subscriptions using NetSuite and 360 Subscription Billing.

Take Into Account How Your Subscription Data May Affect Compliance

Subscription-based businesses introduce complexities in ensuring compliance with accounting principles and regulations. Revenue recognition for subscription billing involves handling multiple variables such as hardware, software, service bundles, and fluctuating prices.

NetSuite's Advanced Revenue Management module brings together all relevant data, facilitating compliance with international standards.

Plan Ahead For Scalability

NetSuite is a powerful tool for managing growth, but subscription-based businesses have unique challenges that other industries do not.

Fluctuating subscription costs, Internet of Things (IoT) integration, and large contracts with multiple subscriptions and hardware deployments require meticulous attention to detail.

Investing in an automated system early on allows your company to scale efficiently without compromising profitability.

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