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Boomi Integration Platform For Your Systems and Applications


If you’re using NetSuite ERP and need a single source of truth for all your systems, Boomi can be used as a middleware to connect your applications and systems like Salesforce, Shopify, and HubSpot. If you’re looking to streamline your operations, get started by speaking to a representative today.

What is Middleware?

Middleware, also known as a connector or integration, is a system that brings together applications, data, and, of course, their users within organizations.

Let’s say your business runs on a multi-cloud environment or across various applications. A middleware, or integration, is a cost-effective solution for running these applications all together.

It encourages data sharing and collaboration among teams and less manual data input to avoid human error – allowing your teams to focus on the more important tasks in your business.

Boomi Pricing: The Cost of Integration

Boomi Integrations Pricing Guide

  •  Benefit from over 15 years of experience integrating NetSuite with other systems
  •  Enable streamlined communication between systems
  •  Work with a proven approach and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), ensuring that the integration process rolls smoothly
  •  Get thorough testing and training for your team to ensure system readiness

Whether your business works in the cloud or is on-premise, a Boomi connector will bring your important data to one place for easy access and full visibility.

Get your teams and their applications out of their “boxes” by intelligently connecting them for full automation and, more importantly, collaboration.

For more information on Boomi pricing and to find the answers to all of your integration questions, check out our Integrations Pricing Guide or click “Get Pricing” on the form to the left.

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What is Boomi?

Boomi is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) used in software integrations - often called a middleware. It has the necessary information to connect data sources and applications to your organization’s ERP platform.

With the plan you created together with your ERP implementation partner, you’ll get quick and simple integration across applications so your overall business can remain connected anywhere.

If you work in a cloud environment or use several different applications, Boomi would be the answer to your concerns about having too much data moving around at once.

Boomi can help you connect NetSuite to important applications and systems like Shopify or HubSpot as well as many others.

You’ll bring together the back-office data from NetSuite with important data from these applications, all with one smart connector, in one place.

You and your teams won’t have to look very far for real-time data on purchase orders, inventory levels, and other business processes.

Commonly used by many large businesses around the world, Boomi is a quick and intelligent connector for your important applications. The streamlined flow of information between these applications ultimately results in productivity for your business.

You’ll automate processes and increase efficiency from your clients as well.

How Does Boomi Work?


Without the need for any additional hardware or software, Boomi middleware will:


Seamlessly connect all your data into one place and convert it into actionable insights that you and your stakeholders can use to scale your business.


Streamline the flow of information between your NetSuite ERP and other applications like Shopify, Salesforce and more, as well as across different teams within your organization.


Connect your software and applications to give you and your teams a better overview of your data so you can make more informed decisions.

Why Is Integration Important?

The Boomi integration platform lets businesses in different industries connect data between their key applications without needing or maintaining hardware or software. If you’re currently using NetSuite as your core ERP system, your business can also benefit from information stored in other applications - they don’t have to be separate.

Keeping information and people working separately results in what we call the “swivel-chair approach”. This occurs when various team members go back and forth between systems to obtain data that is stored in each one. It results in data loss, human error, and inefficiency due to time lost searching with different systems.

A flow of data between your ERP and other applications will result in better communication across your teams as well as increased productivity, as they’ll spend less time searching for data between applications.

So, an eCommerce business, for example, can benefit from a steady flow of important information between the team bringing in the orders and the team fulfilling them. Thanks to the right software integration, they’re ensuring they have enough inventory to keep customers happy.

Integrated Systems Planning with GURUS

Integrating your business systems and applications shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your ERP implementation project should include an integration planning element from the very beginning. 

And working with the right ERP implementation partner to guide you is equally important as you’ll need some technical guidance and advice. 

Your ERP implementation partner will ensure you’re integrating the right software for your business’ needs and using the right connectors to do so.

They’ll help you look ahead and, based on your business’ objectives, can guide you on what kind of application integrations your teams can benefit from.

The end result of successful integration planning: when applied, your data will be transferred and shared across the right custom applications for your teams, for greater collaboration and productivity. You’ll notice less risk of human errors and more focus on important tasks every day.

All of this results in reaching your Return On Investment (ROI) at a quicker pace.

This is why our team, at GURUS Solutions, can help you plan for a seamless integration from the start of your NetSuite implementation project, with Boomi, an integration platform.

Once you’ve implemented NetSuite as your organization’s core ERP platform, you’ve opened the door to data integration opportunities that will yield full visibility and actionable insights.

We not only help you build out a process for your business’ integrated ERP system, but we ensure you automated business processes as well as the solution to all your integration challenges.