NetSuite to Shopify Integration


Shopify marketplace is now one of the biggest eCommerce selling platforms used around the world. It lets businesses offer their products taken from a large inventory and ship them almost anywhere. How can they do this so effortlessly? With a Shopify integration with NetSuite for eCommerce and retail.

Without the concern of having to manually enter orders or maintain inventory, an eCommerce business can focus on increasing its sales. All thanks to the seamless transfer of product information, pricing, orders, and fulfillment details between NetSuite and Shopify, using a simple connector.

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How Can My Business Benefit from a
NetSuite Shopify Connector?

A NetSuite to Shopify integration offers your business the following key benefits:


  • Seamlessly orchestrate your storefront to back-office processes between your Shopify eCommerce engine and your NetSuite cloud ERP platform.
  • If you’re running an eCommerce business on Shopify, integration ensures that you get access to critical data in real-time to efficiently execute a growing amount of sales orders, in record time.
  • Using the Boomi integration platform, we help you jumpstart your omnichannel commerce and scale up your business across orders, inventory, product catalogs, fulfillment, payments, and returns.


Integrations are an important part of your NetSuite ERP implementation plan. Learn more about how NetSuite Integrations and Connectors can help your business achieve growth and reach your ROI faster.

What Does a Shopify NetSuite Integration Do?

A NetSuite connector to Shopify can help your online business do the following:

Seamless Flow of Data

No need for manual data entry. A software integration will automate the flow of sales order information between NetSuite and Shopify. Every time an order is created, changed, or canceled in your Shopify platform, NetSuite will update in real-time.

Streamlined Financial Management

Easily match up transaction numbers from Shopify with your back-office operations to automate orders for returns and refunds.

Reconciled Data

Once an item is ordered, that request will automatically flow through NetSuite into a transaction and be reconciled for inventory management, so your business has a streamlined relationship between customer experience and financial management.

Automated Customer and Work Flows

Seamlessly map the flow of customer information like shipping, billing, and credit card information between Shopify and NetSuite so you can start automating processes like:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Updates on pricing
  • Real-time updates on inventory levels 
  • Financial reporting processes

Why You Need A Shopify to NetSuite Integration


3 Main Reasons You Should Have a
NetSuite and Shopify Integration Solution


When you integrate your NetSuite ERP platform with the Shopify application, you are streamlining almost all of your business processes and creating better collaboration between your teams.

If these benefits still aren’t enough to illustrate how your business can reach its ROI faster with this software integration, here are 3 main reasons why you should consider it:

1. Full Data Visibility All in One Place

A Shopify NetSuite connector gives your teams full data visibility all in one place when they need it! By bringing in the front end, Shopify creates a seamless buying process, allowing your business to add products to your online store and continue to efficiently process orders.

Meanwhile, let your NetSuite ERP platform handle the back end by streamlining finances and inventory to effectively manage and fill your orders.

2. Inventory Management for Efficient Order Fulfillment

Inventory management is key to effective order fulfillment. Inaccurate or unreliable inventory counts are probably the biggest reason for lost or unfulfilled orders. To ensure that clients order available items, all order requests automatically flow through NetSuite ERP into a transaction and reconcile for inventory count.

So, you’ll be the first to know when an item is out of stock - long before your customer tries to order it.

3. Cloud-based Business

More and more businesses are now cloud-based as running an online marketplace requires them to take on new tools and processes to enhance their customer experience.

Shopify’s flexibility and adaptability, paired with NetSuite’s cutting-edge Cloud technology, ensures that your business data is safe, your processes are seamless, and your clients are happy.

How to Implement a NetSuite to Shopify Software Integration


To implement a successful software integration between your NetSuite ERP and Shopify applications, we rely on the Boomi integration platform. As a Certified Boomi Partner, GURUS Solutions can help you ensure the integration plan is built into your initial ERP implementation program. 

GURUS is your partner of choice:

  • 15+ years of experience in the NetSuite ecosystem, with everything from implementations to integrations.
  • 2500 successful projects for our clients in almost every category of NetSuite and Boomi work and development.
  • Experience with clients in industries like ECommerce, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and more.
  • Offer custom Boomi-compatible connector solutions across industries. 
  • Multiple consultants across the U.S.A. and Canada.

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