Salesforce to HubSpot Integration

Maintain consistency between your marketing and sales teams with a HubSpot integration with Salesforce. Pass data seamlessly and maximize efficiency today.

Sales and marketing alignment is possible with a seamless integration between two crucial databases. Sales will have access to valuable reports on leads, while marketing can launch personalized campaigns and segment contacts based on Salesforce account data.

Marketing teams can stay in the loop of sales activities as revenue data is easily transferred from Salesforce to HubSpot. All closed-won opportunities will easily be noticeable, ensuring the marketing team segments new clients to a different list.

How Does the HubSpot to Salesforce Integration Work?

Simply put, the HubSpot Salesforce integration creates new leads in Salesforce once a new contact is added in HubSpot. 

  • Below are a few of the key benefits of integrating these two systems.
  • No technical setup required for a fast, reliable, and powerful sync.
  • Follow the simple step-by-step guide provided by both Salesforce and HubSpot.
  • Send powerful lead intelligence to your sales teams for richer revenue reporting.
  • Keep your marketing and sales databases aligned with HubSpot Visualforce.
  • Send important lead reports to your sales team like email opens, form submissions, website activity, and more.

To integrate HubSpot and Salesforce, simply reach out one of HubSpots’ representatives to request your demo and try before you buy.

If you’re a NetSuite user and you’re looking for a HubSpot integration with your instance, head over to our NetSuite integration page and request more information.

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HubSpot Best Practices


HubSpot offers an incredibly advanced marketing and sales platform that can provide any company with the means to create engaging content, keep social media calendars in order, and organize lead to prospect journeys.

Here are the some of the top features:


Sync your web pages with HubSpot to post new content directly to your site. Speed up creation, keep formatting consistent, and make it easy to publish relevant, engaging content.

HubSpot offers excellent formatting options that can help your site rank better with rich text options, keyword suggestions, and engaging call-to-actions.


Connect your business email with a few simple clicks to start sending emails directly out of HubSpot.

Build engaging email templates that can be shared with the whole team, A/B test to improve open rates, and view key performance insights.

Increase productivity by adding follow-up options to your sent emails. Be reminded of every next-step required to close the deal. Don’t let any lead slip through the cracks.

Social Media

Link each of your social media platforms and maintain them all under one roof. HubSpot gives you the ability to bulk post content on all of your platforms.

Schedule posts and manage all of your social media accounts in one place. View each post's performance, and optimize each aspect of your content to increase engagement with your audience.

Lead Management

See every interaction between your sales team and the leads that come in, and each lead’s history through your site.

Create hyper-targeted campaigns that will close deals faster by utilizing the data collected from every contact from your sales team, or interaction with your site.

Maximize your investment by utilizing the sales automation, forecasting, and deals functionalities.


Build incredibly engaging CTAs that your website visitors can’t help but click. Know who clicks which CTA, and measure performance to optimize conversion rates.

Do you know which color of CTA works best? Where should they all be placed? What should they say? Learn all of the best practices regarding Calls-to-Action through HubSpot’s learning portal, HubSpot Academy.

When Should I integrate Salesforce And HubSpot?

If you’re looking to strengthen the connection between your sales and marketing team, there’s no better time to integrate your Salesforce account to HubSpot than the present.

Using HubSpot to streamline your marketing efforts, will allow you to grow your business as fast as a team three-times the size.

Due to the simplicity of the integration process, you can safely integrate these systems at any point. Regardless, we always recommend integrating as soon as possible to avoid any potential growing pains as your business inevitably grows.

Don’t let pain points stifle your business’ growth and integrate today.

How To Integrate Salesforce With HubSpot

The integration process is easy, and doesn’t require any technical skills to accomplish. Simply follow the steps outlined by either platform, and you’ll have the rich functionalities of HubSpot at your fingertips.

Integrating your systems can be a labor-intensive process. If you’re looking to manage all of your integrations seamlessly, Boomi is an iPaaS solution and the ultimate integration tool for your systems and applications.

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