We believe so strongly in our implementation skills that we guarantee you will run your business with NetSuite or we give you your money back.

3 Important Things That You Need to Know About Our Guarantee
  1. It’s common knowledge that 50% of all ERP implementations tend to fail. We can ensure your project succeeds - in fact, we guarantee it. 
  2. An in-depth business analysis prior to implementation will ensure that your system adapts to all your current processes. Your system will be implemented according to your needs.
  3. You will be taking full advantage of our Sherpa methodology, where we will collaborate with your team to successfully implement NetSuite for your organization and provide you with the necessary training.
How GURUS delivers on its 100% Guarantee for a Successful Implementation

As an 8-year consecutive 5-Star partner and the largest NetSuite Service provider across North America, GURUS prides itself on the amount of experience our team can provide. For over 14 years now, our team has been focused on scaling up growing businesses with the best in class when it comes to Cloud ERP. In fact, Gurus President and Founder Martin McNicoll wrote the book on the topic (get a copy here).

Hear a testimonial from the President of Atlas Machine, and learn how they went from 0 to the Cloud with Gurus to overcome their obstacles to growth.

Here are just a few of our happy clients

Scale Up Your Business with Cloud Technology

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