Container Management with NetSuite

Get Full visibility into your logistics cycle.


Key Benefits

  • Our custom solution leverages key Oracle+NetSuite features to streamline the procurement to pay process.
  • Keep track of the status of your container to know if it has shipped in full or is still in transit.
  • Reporting on the container will show the purchase order transactions and items that are in the container.
  • Retain information on the creation of the purchase order, the container’s lot number, and the landed cost associated with the item/purchase order.

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Streamlined Procurement to Pay Process

As purchase orders are created, individuals can decide which containers will hold which items and record information on the products within each container, the container's value, and its status. That information is sent to the vendor who will then fill in the inventory details, and share them with the customer.

NetSuite Container Management

Group Products into Containers

Optimize your shipping costs and save money by managing multiple POs with fewer containers. Receive real-time estimates on the number of containers you’re going to need to eliminate time-consuming admin work and unnecessary costs.

Keep Track of Your Containers 

Keep track of products all along their trajectory. The advanced tracking system utilizes a user-friendly interface to easily track the container’s status from your supplier’s location to your warehouse. Ensure increased client satisfaction with improved time to market speed.

Gain Control of Your Prices 

Calculate your true landed costs using detail-oriented automated processes. Having an accurate representation of your costs allows you to be more competitive, increase your margins and your overall company revenue.

Real-Time Access to Your Inventory

Access all the information that you need, in one just click. Get real-time updates on your inventory’s stock levels to ensure that you make sales that you can fulfill.