Dynamic Special Order for NetSuite


Key Benefits

  • Reduce the need for inventory space with a quick turnaround time.
  • Easier to manage few PO’s with many lines instead of hundreds of 1 line PO’s.
  • You can have many lines across many SO's to one (or many) PO’s.
  • Enables rebates on bulk purchasing from vendors.
  • Automated Solution, less impact on your purchasing team.

Learn More About Our Dynamic Special Order Solution

Create Sales Orders for items that are not fulfilled with regular stock

Dynamic Special Order is a custom solution for businesses looking for a powerful cloud tool that helps manage special orders in volume. Designed by our GURUS NetSuite professionals to meet high volume purchasing needs and help take away the manual processes from handling 50+ POs a day, DSO is the ultimate cloud solution for Wholesale companies.

With our unique DSO solution, NetSuite users can now link to a specific purchase order from a vendor. This NetSuite add-on solution allows you to link several sales orders to a single special purchase order without a hassle.

Is This the Right Solution for Me?

Our Dynamic Special Order Solution for NetSuite Users is geared towards helping Wholesale Businesses that:

  • Frequently use Special Orders
  • Purchase in large volume from vendors
  • Need large Purchase Orders to be sent out daily
  • Have a large amount of staff managing PO's

Solution Highlights

  • You are no longer limited to 1 special per line item in NetSuite. With Dynamic Special Order, you can have several lines across many SO's to one (or many) PO’s
  • You can easily manage few POs with many lines instead of handling hundreds of single line POs
  • You can get rebates on bulk purchase orders from vendors
  • You can reduce the need for inventory space as the turnaround time will be much faster
  • Improved process relationships with vendors that do not accept multiple Purchase Orders in a given day
  • You get an automated solution to save on manual work, with less of an impact on your purchasing team