Engineer to Order (ETO) for NetSuite ERP Software

Design anywhere, bill anywhere and sell anywhere.


Key Benefits

  • Achieve seamless communication between departments for streamlined information (breaking the silos).
  • Better manage cost and revenue despite undefined BOM.
  • Centralize procurement.
  • Integrate your disparate processes for an overall smoother business flow month-to-month as your portfolio of projects continues to expand.

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7 Common Struggles for Engineer-to-Order that we can help fix:
  1. A lack of proper collaboration channels between your project management and financial teams can often lead to over-recognized revenue mid-way through a project
  2. Late invoicing (when the finance team is unaware of a milestone completion)
  3. Managing procurement for new parts and aligning that with current inventory
  4. Dealing with inventory build-up and over-procurement as Project Managers purchase in mass volume to reduce unit cost for their project
  5. Sub-optimal uses of global skilled resources due to intercompany complications
  6. Loss of Cost Control due to lack of granularity in budget vs actuals cost and multiple estimates at completion revisions
  7. Loss of inventory item required for project, resulting in double ordering

Solution Highlights
  • By leveraging NETSUITE with a best-of-class PSA platform like OpenAir, our team will help your business run their projects in an integrated fashion.
  • Get centralize procurement in NetSuite and leverage advanced revenue management functionalities
  • You will be able to get real time visibility into your project budget as it changes (always have the most up to date information for your clients
  • Recognize revenue based on incurred cost (labor, materials, or external services)
  • Easily manage stock from inventory & purchase based on timely requirement, and/or build assemblies using a combination of pre-existing and new inventory stocks
  • Achieve seamless communication between departments for streamlined information
  • Create dynamic flows back into your project costs to ensure you meet deadlines and deliver on budget
  • Track purchases at “task” level, allowing to better manage cost despite undefined BOM.