NetSuite for Private Equity Firms


For private equity (PE) firms and their investors, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is an integral part of their business ecosystem.

Not only does it help the portfolio companies you’re working with thrive but, more importantly, it protects your firm’s investments. By supporting and ensuring these portfolio companies’ growth and efficiency, you and your partners know that you’re making a sound investment for your firm.

This is where the NetSuite ERP platform can help you maintain this continued growth without creating roadblocks for your investments.

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Why should PE Firms implement an ERP?

By engaging a NetSuite solution as part of the core offering and support system you offer, you’re giving your portfolio companies the knowledge and tools to expand their business cycle - in almost any industry or geographical location.

This not only keeps the investment in these companies growing for you and your partners, it also helps the companies themselves increase their productivity and efficiency across operations. It’s a win-win for both sides.

Where a company might be experiencing a divestiture, having a reliable ERP system in place ensures that there are no major interruptions in their business operations. The full data sharing and visibility allows teams to take over activities that have now fallen into their list of functions.

Alternatively, those teams transitioning out of certain functions can do so without worrying about lost data or errors as well.

All the while, your firm is growing the resources you offer as well as those used within the ecosystem of companies. This, in turn, makes you a more attractive firm with whom to work.

How PE Firms Benefit from an ERP Solution


By partnering with an experienced ERP implementation partner, PE firms can grow their own offering so their portfolio companies can improve their respective operations and business practices.

NetSuite ERP for private equity firms enforces better decision-making across companies with a solution that establishes optimized, accurate, and real-time information.

For an industry that is focused on mitigating risk, access to accurate data is crucial.

Aside from growth and seamless transitions, some of the other benefits of implementing an ERP solution for your firm and its portfolio companies include:

  • Better overall management of your portfolio companies and investments.
  • Ability to enter different industries in other geographical regions.
  • A NetSuite solution that ensures a strategic growth plan for your portfolio companies from the start, thus helping the negotiation process
  • Facilitates financial consolidation, planning and management, even on a global scale
  • NetSuite CRM lets sales teams continue their prospecting activities without any lost or interrupted opportunities.

For example, in the case of a carve-out, NetSuite Financial Management solutions can offer consolidation support that can help clean up the obscurity that is often faced when financial planning and reporting are involved.

A leading cloud-based ERP platform, NetSuite is ideal for almost any industry you are working in or choose to invest in: consider NetSuite for ecommerce, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and more.

An ERP Solution For Mergers and Acquisitions

NetSuite ERP can definitely support a firm when going through a merger and acquisition (M&A).

From the get-go, some of the concerns that arise include: maintaining efficiency and synergy across operations, integrating existing teams and systems for full collaboration, and ensuring there isn’t a major interruption to the business. 

By implementing an ERP solution, you allow the teams within your portfolio companies to share relevant information and collaborate without the worry of losing data or making manual errors. 

Whether they’re using it as their CRM or their accounting software, NetSuite ERP brings a seamless integration between financial reporting and internal teams.

Find out how NetSuite OneWorld can help you manage your business on a global scale.

Oracle NetSuite ERP Software Integrations

If your portfolio companies are currently working with other applications or software, no problem, our experienced team can orchestrate a seamless Oracle NetSuite integration using Boomi

Organizational members won’t have to worry about using new software or losing any of the important data they’ve already entered into their current applications. Full data visibility, thanks to a software integration, lets them collaborate with the members of their team.

GURUS Solutions As Your NetSuite Implementation Partner

Finding the right implementation partner and having a team to back you up is the first step towards setting up your ERP.

NetSuite’s reporting capabilities, add-on modules, and flexible customizations are ideal for private equity software solutions.

As a certified NetSuite partner for well over 15 years, we at GURUS are experts in supporting our clients’ ERP implementation projects. We can answer all of your questions and help you set up a solid implementation plan that includes integration as well. 

Contact us to learn more about how GURUS Solutions is the ERP implementation partner of choice for firms like yours.

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