NetSuite for Manufacturing is a complete business solution, built to ensure your company infrastructure is ready to take on long-term growth and expansion. Also recommended: NetSuite Financials and NetSuite for Retail & Distribution

It includes:
  • Work Orders & Assemblies, designed for an easy set-up – we get you up and running in days;
  • WIP & Routing, to have raw material and labor costs roll up into your Assembly costs.
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Selection of Modules

Solution Highlights

  • Enables users to define assembly items, build complex multi-level bill of materials, create work orders, record assembly builds and backflush components with minimal effort.
  • Provides an ability to capture costs of Assemblies

Who Benefits: Operations Manager


Solution Highlights

  • Enables the ability to define a routing for the manufacturing process, the resources needed to complete the process and the expected time and cost required
  • Routings also provide the basis for scheduling engine that can help identify over- or under-utilized resources

Who Benefits: Operations Manager


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