NetSuite Modules for Financials & Management

NetSuite Financials is the ultimate series of modules, designated to be a fit with most companies looking for long-term growth and expansion.

It includes:
  • Financial Management for day to day back-office processes;
  • Dunning Management to help streamline the cash conversion cycle and automate invoicing for clients;
  • Fixed Asset Management to comprehensively report across assets, valuation & depreciation;
  • Incentive Compensation for managing a growing sales team;
  • OneWorld for handling multiple subsidiaries, international business requirements by territory, as well as several currencies.
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Selection of Modules

Solution Highlights

  • Multiple Budgets
  • Expense Allocation to classes, departments or locations based on weighted formulas

Who Benefits: CEO, CFO, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, Accountants


Solution Highlights

  • Dunning can be automated (based on workflows) or manual based on Dashboard reviews.
  • Ability to dun specific invoices separately using a different dunning procedure.

Who Benefits: A/R Analyst, Controller


Solution Highlights

  • Easily track depreciating or non depreciating company assets.
  • Leverage support for all standard depreciation methods.

Who Benefits: A/P Controller


Solution Highlights

  • Sales employees see commissions calculations in real time
  • Commission on Bookings (sales orders), Billings (invoices), and the option to payout as cash is collected

Who Benefits: Sales & Marketing Manager, Controller


Solution Highlights

  • Manage multiple legal entities or subsidiaries
  • Conduct business across multiple tax jurisdictions or nexuses

Who Benefits: Administrator, Controller


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