Dunning Letters

Streamline invoicing processes and ensure constant cash flow.


Key Benefits

  • Dashboard to view the current dunning status of all accounts.
  • Reduce manual, error prone tasks by automating one of the most common business processes within accounts receivable departments.
  • Help reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and other debt-related business metrics through access to best practices.
  • Provides consistent messaging in Collections Communications
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Solution Highlights

  • Dunning can be automated (based on workflows) or manual based on Dashboard reviews.
  • Ability to dun specific invoices separately using a different dunning procedure.
  • Dunning levels are based on age of debt, minimal invoice amount, total overdue balance or combinations with complete multi-currency support.
  • Localized dunning letters can be issued in customer’s language.

Is this module a fit for my business needs?

  • Do you have inefficient processes for tracking and collections of invoices
  • Do you have DSO outside of your industries norm
  • Do you have inconsistent messaging for your collections communications

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