Financial Management

Managing Budgets is easier, reducing time and labor


Key Benefits

  • Allocating expenses is automated based on formulas, saving time
  • Automates the amortization of expenses
  • Provides Billing Schedules for invoicing and when used with Project Management you can invoice based on Milestones
  • Leverage Statistical Accounts for allocating expenses and reporting
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Solution Highlights

  • Multiple Budgets
  • Expense Allocation to classes, departments or locations based on weighted formulas
  • Amortization Schedules to amortize expenses over time
  • Advanced Billing Schedules
  • Milestone Billing (when used with Project Management)
  • Statistical Accounting

Is this module a fit for my business needs?

  • Need Multiple Budgets
  • Need to allocate expenses over multiple departments, classes or locations
  • Need to bill invoices based on a schedule
  • Need to bill based on a Milestone
  • Use Statistical Accounts for reporting

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