NetSuite Modules for Retail & Distribution

NetSuite for Retail & Distribution comes packaged as the ultimate series of modules, designated to be a fit with retail and distribution businesses looking for long-term growth and expansion. Also included: NetSuite Financials

It includes:
  • Inventory Management for monitoring and improving performance with real-time dashboards and analytics;
  • Procurement, allowing your employees to save valuable time with more automated process;
  • Demand Planning to help optimize inventory levels according to demand;
  • WMS Lite for real-time inventory updates;
  • Grid Order Management to save order entry time and increase the accuracy of orders for like items.
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Selection of Modules

Solution Highlights

  • Demand-Based Replenishment
  • Lot & Serial Item Management
  • Landed Costs Allocations

Who Benefits: Inventory Manager, Warehouse Manager


Solution Highlights

  • Able to streamline and improve the accuracy of source to pay processes
  • Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Blanket PO’s

Who Benefits: Purchasing Manager


Solution Highlights

  • Ability to predict required inventory based on historical demand or sales forecasts
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) based on build forecast and work orders

Who Benefits: Purchasing Manager, Inventory Manager


Solution Highlights

  • Enable users to scan and track information in detail and to better manage inventory and warehouse transactions
  • Enable the use of radio frequency (RF) mobile device

Who Benefits: Inventory Manager, Warehouse Manager


Solution Highlights

  • Enables you to enter orders for inventory and assembly items in grid format
  • You can create grid templates for items with similar attributes when creating your order transaction

Who Benefits: A/P Controller


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