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For private equity (PE) firms and their investors, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is an integral part of their business ecosystem. 

GURUS Solutions provides customized NetSuite ERP solutions to help your portfolio of companies thrive and protect your firm's investments. Working with North America’s largest NetSuite ERP Alliance and Solution partner will ensure the growth and efficiency of your portfolio, allowing you and your partners to rest assured knowing you've made a sound investment in your business’ digital future.


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How do PE Firms Benefit from an ERP Solution?



Reduced Data Fragmentation and Disconnected Applications

Inefficient decision-making and data management due to scattered data sources and used applications across portfolio companies. 

Unified Data Management and Applications with NetSuiteBoost Your Business technology Grant

A centralized ERP system like NetSuite consolidates data from various sources into a single, unified platform and seamlessly connects applications, while ensuring prospecting activities without any lost or interrupted opportunities.

Optimized Operations with Automated Workflows

Implementing automated workflows and customizable processes streamlines operations which enhances business’ productivity and overall profitability. 

Minimized Operational Inefficiencies

Manual processes and lack of standardized workflows not only hinder productivity and resource allocation, but also open opportunities for human errors. An ERP solution like Netsuite offers automation capabilities for repetitive tasks and customizable workflows to suit specific business processes.

Solving Customizable and Scalability Challenges

Legacy systems lack flexibility to support business growth, leading to operational bottlenecks. NetSuite offers a cloud-based platform that can scale with the firm's growth trajectory.

Adapt to Growth and Customization Needs

NetSuite ERP enables firms to adapt to changing needs, allowing scalable and customizable solutions ideal for long-term growth and success.

Real-Time Financial Visibility

With legacy software, essential financial insights are delayed impacting investment decisions and portfolio monitoring. 

Real-Time Financial Insight

NetSuite's financial management features provide optimized, accurate, and real-time information, enabling data-driven decisions and optimized portfolio management.  

A leading cloud-based ERP platform, NetSuite is ideal for almost any industry you are working in or choose to invest in: consider NetSuite for ecommerce, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and more.

An ERP Solution For Mergers and Acquisitions

NetSuite ERP is well-equipped to assist firms during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) processes. Right from the start, key concerns include preserving operational efficiency and synergy, seamlessly integrating teams and systems for full collaboration, and minimizing business disruptions.


GURUS Solutions As Your NetSuite Implementation Partner

Finding the right implementation partner and having a team to back you up is the first step towards setting up your ERP.

NetSuite’s reporting capabilities, add-on modules, and flexible customizations are ideal for private equity software solutions.

As a certified NetSuite partner for well over 15 years, we at GURUS are experts in supporting our clients’ ERP implementation projects. We can answer all of your questions and help you set up a solid implementation plan that includes integration as well. 

Navigate Private Equity Challenges with Advice from an Expert

Meet Michael, our resident Private Equity (PE) expert at GURUS. 

Gain valuable insights from Michael as he shares his expertise and addresses the most common questions faced by private equity firms. 
With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, Michael provides strategic solutions tailored to the unique needs of private equity, ensuring success and profitability for your firm.

What are the unique challenges faced by private equity firms in today's market?

Mike: The PE landscape is changing in significant ways. Firms are competing for top deals, leading to higher valuations. They are looking for new ways to create value beyond financial management and are focusing more on improving operations and using technology to boost efficiency and growth.

Firms are also recognizing the value of the data from their portfolio companies as a means to accelerate growth, increase profits, and improve how they evaluate deals and create additional value over time.

How can NetSuite ERP solutions help address these challenges?

Mike: NetSuite offers powerful cloud-based ERP and financial management solutions tailored for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. Its scalability and flexibility make it perfect for handling complex financial structures, including challenges with multi-entity, multi-country, multi-currency, and multi-language capabilities.

NetSuite streamlines processes like consolidation, and financial reporting, and greatly enhances visibility and decision-making across the enterprise. NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess verticals provide preconfigured templates with best practices, workflows, and reports, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for PE firms and their growing portfolio companies.

What sets GURUS Solutions apart in serving private equity firms?

Mike: GURUS sets itself apart as an exceptional partner for private equity firms because of our specialized expertise and tailored approach. Our strength is in effectively managing complex mergers and acquisitions, especially those with tight TSA deadlines.

We excel in quickly deploying NetSuite, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Our clutch performance extends to rapid carve-outs and mergers, enabling seamless transitions. We can facilitate smooth EDI onboarding and leverage [Artificial Intelligence] AI for precise execution, enhancing overall performance.

With comprehensive services from functional consulting to integration expertise, we ensure all needs are met. With an end-to-end digital transformation strategy and proactive team plan, GURUS is the ideal partner for private equity firms seeking success.

How does GURUS Solutions ensure seamless integration of NetSuite ERP with existing systems and processes?

Mike: GURUS Solutions ensures seamless integration of NetSuite ERP with existing systems and processes by leveraging their expertise in both functional NetSuite capabilities and integration/development tools such as Boomi, Workato, Celigo, Mulesoft, and others. We start each project by conducting a comprehensive assessment, gathering requirements, and understanding the business objectives, company culture, and data flow needs.

Through detailed testing and training, we establish streamlined communication flow between systems to eliminate manual data retrieval and reduce errors. These integrations enhance collaboration, productivity, and decision-making across teams, ultimately leading to optimal efficiency and performance.

What level of customization can private equity firms expect with NetSuite ERP solutions?

Mike: Private equity firms can expect a high level of customization with NetSuite ERP solutions. While their SuiteSuccess platform ensures quick and easy setup, NetSuite’s true strength lies in its extensive customization capabilities. Using simple point-and-click tools, users can easily tailor every aspect of the system to align perfectly with their business needs.

Whether looking to customize forms, reports, or workflows, or dive even deeper into modifications with advanced scripting options, NetSuite enables users to automate tasks seamlessly and integrate with hundreds of third-party solutions to further enhance overall functionality. This unique combination of flexibility and user-friendly customization positions NetSuite as the preferred choice for private equity firms seeking a scalable and adaptable ERP solution.

How does GURUS Solutions provide ongoing support and training post-implementation?

Mike: At GURUS, our support doesn’t end with implementation -- it’s an ongoing commitment to your success! Whether you need ad hoc help, integration with external tools, custom scripts, workflows, dashboards, or reports, our dedicated team of experts is here to support you every step of the way!

With our SherpaCare service, we offer a wide range of assistance options tailored to your specific needs. Whatever challenges or requirements arise, count on us to provide comprehensive support, ensuring you get the most bang for your NetSuite buck.

What measures does GURUS Solutions take to ensure data security and compliance with regulatory standards?

Mike: Data security and compliance are top priorities for both GURUS and NetSuite. We use strong encryption methods to protect sensitive information and conduct regular audits to ensure data center performance meets industry standards.

We implement role-based access controls to restrict unauthorized use and filter out email spam and viruses to reduce cybersecurity risks. We also ensure compliance with all necessary industry regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA. These measures showcase our dedication to maintaining the integrity and security of client data.

How does GURUS Solutions stay updated with the latest developments and best practices in NetSuite ERP implementations?

Mike: Continuous learning and staying ahead of industry trends are fundamental to our approach. We regularly participate in ongoing training and certification with NetSuite and other industry-leading solutions, but our core strengths and competencies come through our consultants and the cross-functional collaboration to gain insights from each experience.

Our project managers and consultants all work closely together to reflect on each experience with post-implementation efforts to analyze what worked well, what could have been improved, and where to refine our approach to stay aligned with industry best practices. We prioritize continuous improvement by actively seeking opportunities to enhance our skills and knowledge, and work to understand innovative approaches, best practices, and industry trends.

Can you walk us through the typical timeline and milestones of a NetSuite ERP implementation for a private equity firm?

Mike: Our NetSuite ERP implementation process is finely tuned to meet the fast-paced requirements of private equity deals, demanding a well-structured timeline and project schedule. Beginning with an implementation kickoff, the first few weeks typically involve data migration, personalization sessions, and training plan discussions.

Following weeks include process walkthroughs, acceptance testing, end-user training, and final data migration. By day 100, we typically aim for production cutover to NetSuite, followed by post-go-live support and planning for future enhancements around weeks 15-18.

Our meticulous approach ensures alignment with the firm’s strategic objectives, comprehensive training, and proactive account management for continuous improvement. Each step is orchestrated by a dedicated GURUS Project Manager, ensuring all tasks are completed in a timeline manner.

While comprehensive enterprise-level implementations typically span 8-12 months, expedited options (as quick as 6 months) are available for those seeking rapid deployment or leveraging SuiteSuccess.

How does GURUS Solutions ensure a smooth and successful go-live process for private equity clients?

Mike: GURUS’ secret sauce for a smooth go-live process is simple: We bring the smartest people to lead the right conversations. Our content is tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring effective communication and minimizing errors.

We believe in open and direct communication to set clear and realistic expectations. We prioritize understanding our clients’ unique challenges, fostering lasting relationships, and providing ongoing support where needed. We are committed to execution and pride ourselves on saying what we will do and then doing what we said, ensuring on-time delivery with minimal disruptions.

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