Gurus was proud to sponsor ‘La Fondation du Centre Jeunesse de Montréal’

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MONTREAL, Quebec - November 16, 2017 - This month, Gurus was very proud to sponsor ‘La Fondation du Centre Jeunesse de Montréal’ and their special event “La Grande Seduction”. For over 19 years now, their mission has been to help troubled, abandoned, abused, and homeless children and teens in receiving the help they need to help them thrive and become strong adults.

Since its inception, the local charity organization has aided more than 13 000 Canadian youths, and they’re more determined than ever to keep doing good. At Gurus, one of our key values is having a positive outlook on the world, and sponsoring charities like this can go a long way towards making a difference. This recent event attracted 220 guests from all industries and businesses, who were looking to support the cause and give these kids a chance to succeed in life.

Here's a picture of our very own BDE Manny May with his best smile for the cause.

GURUS Sponsor Event

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About ‘La Fondation du Centre Jeunesse de Montréal’

Since 1998, "la Fondation du Centre jeunesse de Montréal" has the mission of mobilize the community and support the "Centre jeunesse de Montréal – Institut universitaire (CJM-IU)", which aims to promote the well-being and social integration of children and youth of the island of Montreal.

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