Preparing for a NetSuite Update: A Step-by-Step Guide


Follow these clear steps to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the benefits of new features:

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1. Explore NetSuite resources

  • Visit NetSuite's website to access valuable resources such as Sneak Peek Release Notes, Detailed Release Notes, New Features Webinar, Release Readiness Webinar, and Podcasts.
  • Exploring and utilizing NetSuite's resources are valuable training insights that not only keeps you informed but also empowers you to make informed decision.


2. Request a Release Preview Account

  • Within your NetSuite account, navigate to SetUp > Company > Enable Features.



Important Note

  • You can access Release Preview several weeks before your production account is scheduled for an upgrade to the new release of NetSuite.
  • This account mirrors your production setup for testing purposes without impacting live data.

3. Report Release Preview Issues

Report any issues you encounter during testing by calling NetSuite Customer Support or by submitting a case online.

  • To submit a case online:
    • Within your NetSuite account, navigate to SetUp > SuiteAnswers
    • Click the Contact Support button on the navigation bar.
    • Under Online Support Create Support Case and provide details of your issue.




Important Note

  • Be aware that not all data from your production account is copied to the release preview.
  • Focus on testing critical workflows and processes.

4. Prepare Test Plans

Now with all this information at hand, you can now move on to creating test plans for business workflows and processes.

  • Download the Release Preview Test Plan Template by NetSuite to create a test plan for each of your business workflows. This Microsoft Excel worksheet includes a testing matrix, workflow worksheets, and examples. After you have downloaded the file, modify it to suit your testing needs. 


Data Loss Mitigation with GURUS Data Exporter

If you’re concerned about data loss during the upgrade process, our GURUS Data Exporter SuiteApp allows users to easily export NetSuite Saved Search Data to Google Sheets. This way you can back up any data, in case anything happens to your saved searches, or valuable client information during the update. This powerful tool allows you to:


Backup Critical Data

Easily export and backup your critical NetSuite data, including customer records, transactions, inventory information, and more.

Scheduled Backups

Set up automated, scheduled backups to ensure that your data is regularly backed up without manual intervention, reducing the risk of data loss due to human error or system issues.

Customizable Export Options

Tailor your data exports to meet your specific needs, whether you need full backups or selective exports based on criteria such as date range, record types, or specific fields.

Secure Data Storage

Store your exported data securely in your preferred storage solution, whether it's cloud-based storage, on-premises servers, or other storage platforms.

Store your exported data securely in your preferred storage solution, whether it's cloud-based storage, on-premises servers, or other storage platforms.

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Enhancing Upgrades with GURUS BI

Beyond data protection, upgrading to a new NetSuite version presents an opportunity to unlock new insights and optimize your business processes. Consider leveraging BI for NetSuite, a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution that offers:

Advanced Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your business performance with advanced analytics capabilities, including data visualization, trend analysis, and predictive modeling.

Real-Time Reporting

Access real-time reports and dashboards to monitor key metrics, track KPIs, and make data-driven decisions faster.

Customizable Dashboards

Create personalized dashboards tailored to your specific business needs, providing stakeholders with a holistic view of critical data points and performance indicators.

Integration with NetSuite

Seamlessly integrate BI for NetSuite with your NetSuite instance to leverage your existing data for enhanced reporting and analysis.

Simplify your business intelligence within NetSuite with FREE custom templates specifically designed to match industry needs. Whether it's financial reporting, inventory management, or purchasing, BI for NetSuite's free templates allows you to improve your reporting with ease.

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