Advanced Invoice Emailing

This feature adds flexibility to the emailing of invoices in NetSuite by providing a selection page for Invoices to be batch-sent through email and adding a send button on the invoice.


In some situations, more control over sending invoices is required. For example,  it might be necessary to wait until a given day, send multiple invoices, or choose to re-send an invoice to a customer.


This GuruApp solution features:

  • A custom page based on SuiteScript that allows the user to select Invoices through checkboxes; clicking send triggers the batch process of sending out  multiple invoices to their corresponding customers. 
  • A Suitelet which, when triggered by the click of a button on the invoice, will send (or resend) an individual invoice to the customer.

This solution can be combined with NetSuite's mailmerge, allowing templates to be defined for the email body. The invoice can also be included as an attached .pdf file.

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