Form Selection Based On Department

NetSuite allows users to have different forms for a given transaction. GURUS Solutions designed a script that automatically displays the correct form based on the department selected. A common example would be Sales Orders- based on the department. The customer might need a different form, or even a different template with a unique logo, address or footer for when that Sales Order is printed. GURUS Solutions' customization lets the user pick their department and without any more hassles, the correct form is displayed.


ProDrive is a multi-national, multi-departmental organization that specializes in high-performance dental instruments. Depending on the product or even where their customer is based, their sales order form changes. ProDrive found that their employees were making manual errors when entering their sales order information due to the wrong form being selected.


The custom form selection tool created by GURUS Solutions ensured that the right form would always appear once the department was selected from an easy to use drop down menu. If Canadian sales were selected, sales order for Canadian sales appeared. If International sales were selected, the right form for International sales would appear.

The tool dramatically reduced the number of manual errors by sales reps, increased efficiency and reduced related costs associated to over printing due to errors.

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