NetSuite Work Orders

GURUS Solutions created this essential tool for those companies in the biomedical or manufacturing industries where traceability and quality control are required. GURUS Solutions' customization allows users to control the workflow based on roles, automate exception reports, categorize test results, and track-order status.


GURUS Solutions created this for ProDrive, a multi-national, multi-departmental organization that specializes in high-performance dental instruments.

When ProDrive receives a repair request, the sheer number of steps needed to ensure proper quality control and sterilization proved to be too difficult in NetSuite without customization.


Work Order allows the right people to do the right tasks. GURUS Solutions created virtual work centers for ProDrive that act as a dispatcher. The customization automates the process so that when Person A completes Step A, Step B appears as a task on the NetSuite dashboard of Person B.

This customization improved work flow within the repair department; there are no more missing steps and easy tracking and reporting was achieved within NetSuite.

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