Google Drive Extension

The Google Drive extension was built to access and manage Google Documents related to NetSuite Entities, including Customers, Employees, Projects and Tasks directly from their corresponding Record in NetSuite. This allows for the easy management and quick access to the latest version of documents including Spreadsheets, Power Points and Text documents.


It is often necessary to create additional documents regarding various NetSuite entities including Spreadsheets, Power Points and Text documents. Quick access to the latest version of those documents from anywhere in the world can be highly beneficial.

Another challenge arises with the management of the vast amount of information related to an Entity that can be created over time. 


GURUS Solutions’ NetSuite Google Drive extension allows for easy access and management of Google Drive documents stored in the Cloud. Its features include accessing documents from records, their creation from templates as well as copying, deleting and attaching documents. This is all done seamlessly within NetSuite.

The Google Drive extension is used internally by GURUS Solutions and has been both a huge time saver and a great organisational tool.

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