Google Product Feed Automation

The goal of NetSuite Merchant Services is to allow companies to export their item information as a date feed into the Google Merchant Center. This makes the items available on the Google Product Search and gives visibility to the company. It helps shoppers find specific items and therefore help the companies to sell their products.

  • Allows exporting of specific set of items
  • Allows publishing of these items on the Google Product Search
  • Allows the user to modify item specifications to export at will
  • Entirely automated process (no user intervention necessary after initial setup is completed)



  • The automation process is not straightforward
  • Requires XML file manipulation
  • The solution needed to be as flexible as possible for the end user



  • Set up a product feed in NetSuite
  • Created a scheduled script that processes this feed on a scheduled basis, and formats the results into a Google Merchant Center compliant XML file
  • This file is stored in the File Cabinet
  • The Google Merchant Center was set up to periodically fetch the XML file from NetSuite Merchant Services

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