GURUS' Connector & Management Dashboard

Leveraging the flexibility of open-source solutions, the GURUS Solutions team has developed a customized connector that allows users to migrate and synchronize data effortlessly and seamlessly from various sources, such as external websites, SaaS applications, XML Web services, RESTful Web services, databases or other entities.

Getting a real-time view and monitoring your integration data and status has never been so easy, thanks to GURUS Solutions’ Connector Center Dashboard. The Connector Center Dashboard is now available for purchase as part of GURUS Solutions’ integration service bundle. It’s a great value-added tool that you would not want to miss.


Key Features


  • Seamlessly and automatically migrate and synchronize your Sales Orders, Invoices, Time entries, Customers, Custom Records and more to NetSuite from external applications and vice versa;
  • GURUS Solutions can develop a connector customized especially for your data integration needs;

  • New and customizable Connector Center Dashboard that allows users to:

    • Monitor the records processed by the connector directly on NetSuite

    • Easily find and view records that were successfully processed (or not) with detailed information of the synchronization

    • Access important information, such as quantity of records processed, average success rate of processed records, analytics of your results, and more

    • Access integration data from different periods for easy comparison.

  • Options to interface with the following types of systems:
    • 3PL and Order Management Systems

    • Catalogs and Web Stores

    • Other CRM Solutions

    • File Storage Solutions like Amazon S3

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