NetSuite Users & Roles

What are Full Access Users?

A full access user license allows you to assign roles, from any varying degree of small to large, and give permissions within the NetSuite instance. This license is reserved for staff that will be performing more in-depth tasks in NetSuite, from saved searches to reporting, working within the CRM and more.

What are Employee Access Users?

An employee access user does not require a role within your NetSuite instance, and their access is limited to time and expenses. This means that they can access the system to enter and track their time or projects, but will not have access to the CRM, in-depth ERP functionalities or be able to affect changes within your instance. 

What is a NetSuite administrator?

The Netsuite administrator is responsible for configuring and maintaining Netsuite for your business. A NetSuite administrator will collaborate with team members across all business functions and external development teams to perform customizations, resolve user issues and define processes within Netsuite. This role will also be responsible for system cleanup and establishing best practices across the Netsuite environment to achieve business goals.

What is NetSuite developer?

Developers can create customized vertical and industry-specific applications tailored to your customers through NetSuite ERP / Accounting / CRM software.

A NetSuite partner, like GURUS Solutions, can act as your NetSuite solutions to script and create tools to ensure your cloud solution fits your organization like a glove. Learn more about our Customization & Development services.

Does NetSuite provide security to restrict viewing of reports and screens based on the user?

Yes - NetSuite provides role and permission-based security that allows administrators to control visibility, actions and/or data.

Does NetSuite offer role-based views or dashboards?


Yes - NetSuite allows users to customize their dashboards based on users’ role and permissions. You can learn more about customizing dashboards here.

What are the Different NetSuite User Types (and tools offered)?

The 6 standard user types for NetSuite are: The Business Analyst, The Developer, The Administrator, The CIO, The Partner and the Everyday User. Your ERP comes with a designed set of configurations for each user, that you can customize for your needs. For a breakdown of the User Types and to find out what you can customize in NetSuite, watch this short video.


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