Future-Proofing your Business: A Practical Guide for Today’s Industry Leaders

How to manage business success on the long-term through growing trends in technology. This bi-weekly series will answer every question you have about the nebulous world of the Cloud, digital transformation in the 21st century and how it’s impacting different industries, multi-company structures, and how to forecast and overcome common obstacles as a growing business.

Episodes will be narrated by popular business technology thought leader and published author, Martin McNicoll. As Founder and President of his own company, Gurus Solutions (started in 2005 - now the largest NetSuite Services provider in North America), he seeks to offer his own perspective in managing business processes through technology. How do you survive sweeping changes in your industry, constantly shifting trends, and thrive beyond the challenges of traditional methods?

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  • Jul 17

    ERP for Payment Companies: Freedompay Success Story

  • Jul 24

    ERP for Retail Businesses: FXR Racing Success Story