The Generational Gap: How Different Generations Use Technology



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In the second episode of The Cloud Today, podcast host, CEO and writer, Martin McNicoll, sits down with his co-host,  GURUS Marketing Director, John Serino, and featured guests, Alyssa Lamberti, GURUS Marketing Content Specialist, and Michael Turcotte, Certified NetSuite Cloud Developer, to discuss how different generations use technology. 

 This episode features the perspective of four speakers, from different generations, age groups, and career experiences, as they talk about how they use technology and how their use of technology differs from that of generations before and after them.

 "The Generational Gap" touches on topics like, the convenience of technology, keeping up with technological trends, and the experience of those born into the digital age versus those adapting to it.

With Specialist Guests:
  • Alyssa Lamberti | Marketing Specialist
  • Micahel Turcotte | Cloud Developer

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