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Why Outsource NetSuite Administrator Jobs

Outsourcing NetSuite admin support can offer several benefits for companies that utilize this powerful cloud-based business management software. Some of the key benefits of outsourcing NetSuite admin support include:

Cost Savings

Outsourcing allows companies to pay for only the services they need, when needed, without incurring additional costs like benefits, vacation time, or training.


NetSuite is a complex and powerful software suite that requires a high level of expertise to leverage its capabilities fully. 

By outsourcing NetSuite admin support, companies can gain access to over 60 experienced NetSuite professionals who can help you daily.

Access to the Latest Technologies

Outsourcing NetSuite admin support can provide companies with access to the latest technologies and software updates, ensuring that their systems are always up-to-date and running at peak efficiency.

Focus on Core Business Functions and Scalability

By outsourcing NetSuite admin support, companies can free up their internal resources to focus on core business functions allowing your business the flexibility to scale up.

What You Get From a GURUS NetSuite Administrator

GURUS’ team members are self-motivated, detail-oriented, positive, collaborative, and organized individuals who can maintain flexibility and take ownership of projects and processes.

Advanced NetSuite Capabilities

Proficiency with custom record types, fields, forms, roles and permissions, page layouts, searches and reports, workflows, and NetSuite data models.

Expert Data Visualization

Advanced knowledge and experience in Business Intelligence solutions, such as Power BI, Tableau, Looker, and Data Studio.

Efficient Spreadsheets

Experts in both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Needless to say–we've spent a lot of time moving between spreadsheets and NetSuite. And we’ve used that experience to build a custom data exporting tool, specifically for the NetSuite user.

Proactive Project Management

Improve oversight of your operations, and maintain tighter control of project accounting.

Integrations and Connectors

Integrating third-party applications with technologies such as SuiteTalk, and RestLet, and with middleware like Boomi and Celigo. We will map the flow of information between your systems to enable streamlined communication.

Training and Support For End-Users

Gurus offers in-depth onsite training, training as we configure, or training at a distance. Although our headquarters are located in Montreal, we have teams across North America. So no matter where you need service, our GURUS will be there to help.

Implementations and Customizations

Over a decade of experience in implementing & configuring Oracle NetSuite’s cloud ERP solutions with tools like SuiteScript and more.

Optimal Optimizations

Benefit from business process improvement and optimization! Our Gurus will be able to help with new features, dashboards, reports, KPIs, and forms.

Why Choose GURUS for Your Admin Services


GURUS Solutions has nearly 20 years of NetSuite Administration and NetSuite Consulting experience. We have worked with numerous organizations across a wide range of services, including:


Administrative Services

GURUS’ Admin Services allows our team to act as your NetSuite Administrator when you don’t have one and provide ongoing support throughout your daily operations.

Why hire one person when you could have a team of collaborating experts instead? With years of experience behind us, any questions you may have will be answered.


Data Visualization / Business Intelligence Projects

Simplifying saved searches, data visualization, blending data, and other reporting tasks freeing up your internal resources.

Need to power up your data visualization capabilities within NetSuite? Explore our in-house BI solution, Business Intelligence for NetSuite powered by GURUS Solutions.


Industry-Specific Projects, including:

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GURUS Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. With a team of highly skilled consultants and a track record of successful implementations, GURUS Solutions is well-positioned to help organizations, like yours, achieve their goals.

Using our Admin Services, we troubleshoot your standard and administrative issues, providing ongoing support during your day-to-day.


  • We act as your NetSuite administrator, to save you the cost of hiring one full-time.
  • We troubleshoot your day-to-day, standard, and administrative issues by connecting to your business’s project management system.
  • The GURUS team will troubleshoot issues with login, reporting, permissions, simple searches, and more.
  • Our team of 5-Star NetSuite Pros will cover time-consuming administrative tasks for your NetSuite instance.

GURUS Solutions consultants hold over 200 certifications in various ERP and CRM solutions, including NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Boomi, and Salesforce. Our team of 60+ architects, consultants, and developers hold degrees (BA/BS/MBAs) in business, accounting, computer science, and other related fields.

If you were worried about anything being lost in translation, you can rest easy knowing that GURUS Solutions offers admin services in both English and French.

Still Not Convinced?

With more than 2500 successful projects completed, GURUS Solutions is the right partner for your NetSuite Admin Services needs. But if you’re still not convinced, see what our clients have to say about us! 

  • Head over to our testimonials page to watch testimonials from past clients.
  • Read our Client Success Stories to see how GURUS helped businesses like yours.
  • And explore our Case Studies, deep-diving into our Clients’ specific needs.

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