Assessment & Architecture

A 360-degree assessment designed & customized for your specific needs.


Key Benefits

Our Gurus will screen for any potential risks and ensure you get the most out of your ERP.
We have a team that will analyze, document, and architect the solution you need to succeed.
You can plan out each step of your NetSuite implementation and factor in a real timeline.

Request More Info From an Expert

Activity: Scoping and Planning

Our Gurus will be prepared to engage in a meaningful 360 degree business review with your key stakeholders.

Highlights: Discovery & Data Collection

Our Gurus will review your business’, current situation (issues, constraints and potential risks), objectives and timelines.

Possible Deliverables

Our Gurus will provide an Initial Budget Estimate and project plan.

How Can We Help You

Looking to start a new project? We can
help with everything from product selection to
implementation and training.