Business Process Review

Evaluating, mapping, questioning, and thinking outside the box


Key Benefits


  • A clearly defined process helps ensure solution selection, fit, and scalability for future growth.
  • Get a detailed view of the business processes that are holding your company back
  • Ensure that your NetSuite implementation rolls smoothly with a look at how each department will be affected.
  • Find opportunities in your day-to-day functions where you can increase efficiency to save time & money.

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Activity: Scoping and Planning

Our GURUS will be prepared to engage in a meaningful 360-degree process review with your key stakeholders.

Highlights: Discovery & Data Collection

Our GURUS will review your current processes (manual tasks, automated workflows, etc.), objectives, and timelines.

Possible Deliverables

Our GURUS will provide an Initial Budget Estimate, Project Plan, and Business Requirement Document (BRD).

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