Amazon Web Store to NetSuite
Integration Via Dell Boomi

Key Benefits

If you're an online retailer that uses Amazon Seller Central for your storefront and NetSuite ERP’s cloud platform for your financials, you don’t want to waste hours copying and pasting each order into NetSuite.
Luckily, a simple set of integrations can automatically keep everything in sync while eliminating the manual work.
Our Amazon Web Store and NetSuite integration allows you to automatically map out the flow of data for products, inventory orders, fulfillment, payments, refunds, and cancellations, using a Dell Boomi integration.

Learn More About Our Solution

Our skilled Dell Boomi integration experts automate the flow of information from Amazon Seller Central to NetSuite ERP to achieve:

  • Automated Order Management
    Automatically share order information between your Amazon e-commerce platform and your NetSuite back-office system.
  • Decreased Order-to-Cash Time
    Orders are processed quicker and more efficiently between your systems so your business can stop managing orders, and start making more sales. 
  • Real-Time Inventory Counts
    Get accurate, real-time inventory data across multiple warehouses to ensure you always know when inventory is low, items are sold out, or your stock has been replenished.  
  • Quicker Reaction Time
    With a 360-degree view of your inventory at all times, get the visibility you need to quickly react to dropped orders, low stock, or high-traffic sale periods.

How Does An Amazon and NetSuite Integration Work?

  • Automatically map out the flow of data for products, inventory orders, fulfillment, payments, refunds, and cancellations.
  • When you add or change a product in NetSuite, Dell Boomi syncs any product information to Amazon Seller Central including:
    • Inventory count
    • Pricing Information
    • Product images
  • When you create a new order, the integration syncs customer, order, and item information such as:
    • Item quantity
    • Total order cost
    • Customer payment method
    • Tax information.
  • When the order ships, Amazon captures the payment from the customer and the payment method is recorded in NetSuite.
  • Should a customer require a return or refund, the return will be processed in Amazon and a credit memo will be created in the next week to complete the refund/ return.

How to Integrate Amazon With NetSuite

Our certified Dell Boomi consulting services will help you master the e-commerce world.

  • GURUS Solutions is a Certified Dell Boomi Partner.
  • 15+ years of Oracle NetSuite experience with over 2500 successful projects. 
  • A portfolio of e-commerce clients including, online-only sales, and both online and brick and mortar store hybrid retailers. 
  • Custom Boomi-compatible connector solutions across industries. 
  • Consultants across the U.S.A. and Canada, ready to help at any time.

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