HubSpot to NetSuite Integration
Via Dell Boomi

Enable a two-way data flow between your HubSpot platform and NetSuite ERP for streamlined sales & marketing operations. By leveraging integrated systems, you will be able to create / modify new leads and contacts automatically in your NetSuite CRM, while providing your sales team with valuable and real-time lead information.


Key Benefits:

Automate lead intelligence to sync seamlessly between HubSpot and NetSuite
Ensure new leads and lead updates in HubSpot are available in NetSuite for the sales team to take action on
Send lists of contacts generated through NS saved searches directly to HubSpot
Log detailed lead and prospect engagement reports directly into your CRM
Avoid manual data input and lag times between lead conversion and prospect outreach

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HubSpot | NetSuite Connector

Boost customer satisfaction by eliminating stock-outs and speeding deliveries.

Ensure lead data from HubSpot is available in NetSuite for our sales team to take action on.

Customize your data fields in NetSuite and pull the information you need based on your own personalized set-up.

Build your own lead-scoring system in HubSpot and have it translate directly into NetSuite, with notes (from Marketing to Sales), and lead activity from point of conversion.

Achieve a quick way to get HubSpot data to NetSuite by synchronizing data flow for companies and contacts between the two platforms.

Transfer crucial lead information from HubSpot to your ERP with ease (contact info, lead engagement report, lead score, and more).

Create HubSpot contacts using NetSuite saved searches & NetSuite contacts using HubSpot query.

When a returning lead re-engages in HubSpot, get real-time updates and new reports in NetSuite (including actions taken by the lead, such as clicks, downloads, form fills, etc).

About GURUS’ NetSuite to HubSpot Connector

Our NetSuite integration with HubSpot helps businesses streamline the flow of information between Marketing and Sales, so that you can provide potential customers with quick reach-outs, powerful warming campaigns and stay up-to-date on their lead engagement.

How to Integrate NetSuite with HubSpot

When you’re integrating your systems, it can be a labor-intensive process that requires a high level of communication between your departments. On top of this, you have to think about data migration (dissecting your historical data), readjusting specific fields and processes within your disparate platforms for a seamless flow, and the technical expertise to connect it all without a hitch. 

GURUS’ team leverages Dell Boomi’s proven middleware as a connector in addition to a consulting team with over 15 years of award-winning experience to guide and work alongside your team to develop the best possible solution for your business.

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