NetSuite EDI Integration

Powered by Dell Boomi

Integrate a powerful, cloud-based platform for easily setting up and managing your EDI with your company-wide business processes in your NetSuite ERP.

By implementing Dell Boomi’s platform to manage your EDI solutions with NetSuite, you ensure a streamlined and centralized integration. You can easily manage connections, onboard new customers and vendors, and handle high order volumes while having your tracking, notifications and relationship management automated.

Key Benefits:

EDI for B2B (Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Supply Chain)
EDI integration with NetSuite allows for maximized order processing and streamlined vendor / customer management
Boomi - NetSuite EDI connectivity allows for a long-term, scalable solution that will grow alongside your business to handle an increasingly high volume of orders
Meet key EDI standards across your vendors / customers and streamline tracking, shipping / receiving notifications and regular updates without manual data entry
Get a unified view across all partner network transactions
Enable rapid and efficient partner onboarding
Real-time dynamic notifications based on department and role

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GURUS Solutions’ skilled Boomi Integration team will ensure your Fulfillment EDI is integrated seamlessly with your NetSuite ERP.

EDI | NetSuite Connector: Powered By Dell Boomi

Simplified compliance with your partners and customers as you meet their EDI requirements. Expand your network of vendors rapidly, while easing communication flow and order processing.

Take advantage of rapid partner onboarding with Boomi’s advanced platform. You can bring in new partners with ease, while seamlessly managing data and reducing your usual onboarding period from weeks to hours.

Our Dell Boomi specialized team will guide you the whole way on achieving a best of breed NetSuite EDI Integration. You will be able to support the vast range of trade partner communications:

  • AS2 (Drummond certified)
  • FTP/Secure FTP
  • Web Services (SOAP)
  • & HTML

GURUS offers an experienced support team for your EDI to ERP training, troubleshooting, customization and any other needs that you might have as your company grows.

Dell Boomi’s EDI for NetSuite is a built-for-NetSuite solution that adapts to your supply chain needs. Our advanced EDI for NetSuite solution helps businesses achieve better outcomes faster.

Next-Level B2B/EDI Management

Get detailed reports on all your EDI transactions for easy tracking, error management and simplified reconciliation.

Create several item receipts from a single Purchase Order (PO)

Eliminate your labor-intensive legacy systems and applications for managing EDI and partner relationships and replace them with the most efficient option to save time, resources and money long-term.

About GURUS’ EDI Software & Services for NetSuite

GURUS Solutions has worked with many companies on EDI implementations and EDI to NetSuite integrations varying in size from small to large. Our team leverages Dell Boomi’s tested and proven platform for advanced EDI in combination with our first-class service and expertise to offer our clients a seamless project, all the way to Go-Live and beyond. We have worked with several industries, including Distributors, Manufacturers, Retailers and especially large food and beverage companies to help them scale to their EDI requirements and achieve compliance across their vendors rapidly and with ease.

How to Integrate Dell Boomi - NetSuite EDI

Implementing EDI software for NetSuite can be a labor-intensive process that requires an experienced hand to help guide your project towards a successful go-live. GURUS provides our clients with the best NetSuite EDI practices, knowledge and applications catered to your unique business needs. Once we’ve guided you in achieving NetSuite EDI Integration, our team will remain available to provide your team with continued NetSuite EDI Support.

Own Your Own EDI

Our GURUS are experienced NetSuite EDI Partners, with ERP and Dell Boomi consultants across Canada and the United-States ready to dive into your EDI project and provide best in class professional services. Once we establish your EDI - NetSuite automation, you will be able to own your own EDI, achieving cost-efficient relationship management with customers and partners as your company grows.


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