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GURUS Specializes In Project Rescues

Are you facing challenges with your NetSuite implementation? Has your project hit roadblocks, encountered delays, or failed to deliver the expected results? Don't worry; GURUS Solutions is here to help with our NetSuite implementation rescue services.

At GURUS Solutions, we understand that implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like NetSuite can be a complex and intricate process. Many organizations find themselves struggling to navigate through the complexities, leading to project failures, wasted resources, and lost opportunities. That's where our expertise comes in.


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    Our Implementation Rescue Service is designed to rescue your implementation project from potential failure and set it back on the path to success.

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    How To Avoid A Failed NetSuite Implementation

    Avoiding a failed NetSuite implementation involves careful planning, preparation, and execution. Here are 5 key steps to help you increase your chances of success:

    Set clear goals

    Clearly define your objectives and desired outcomes for implementing NetSuite. Understand the specific problems you want to solve and the improvements you expect to see.

    Select the right implementation partner

    Choose an experienced NetSuite implementation partner with a proven track record. Evaluate their expertise, industry knowledge, and client references. Ensure they understand your business processes and can tailor NetSuite to meet your specific needs.

    Establish an implementation team

    Assemble a dedicated team with representatives from various departments who will actively participate in the implementation process. This team should have a clear leader to drive the project forward and ensure effective communication and coordination.

    Develop a detailed implementation plan

    Create a detailed project plan that includes key milestones, timelines, resource allocation, and responsibilities. Break the implementation into manageable phases to ensure a smooth transition.

    Migrate your data

    Data is a critical aspect of any implementation. Identify any data migration requirements early on, and allocate sufficient time and resources for this task. Business Intelligence for NetSuite - Powered by GURUS offers users a unique data warehousing solution specifically for use cases like this.

    Changing NetSuite Implementation Partners

    Sometimes, the reason why your implementation is failing is because of your implementation partner. This can come from a lack of communication, an unclear direction, or simply a disagreement between both parties.

    Here are the benefits of changing your NetSuite implementation partner:

    Fresh Perspective

    A new implementation partner can provide a fresh perspective on your business processes and requirements. They may offer different insights and ideas that were not previously considered, helping you optimize your use of NetSuite.

    Enhanced Expertise

    Each implementation partner brings their own set of skills and expertise. By switching partners, you may gain access to a team with specialized knowledge in specific industries or business processes, which can lead to more tailored solutions and better outcomes.

    Improved Communication and Collaboration

    If you experienced communication or collaboration issues with your previous implementation partner, switching to a new one can help address those challenges. A new partner may have more effective communication channels, project management processes, and a collaborative approach that aligns better with your organization's needs.

    Better Alignment with Business Goals

    Your business needs and goals may have evolved since the initial implementation or changed due to market conditions. Switching partners allows you to realign your implementation strategy and customize NetSuite to better meet your current objectives.

    Cost Optimization

    Changing your implementation partners gives you the chance to review your project budget. To be sure you are getting the most return on your investment, evaluate price structures, service options, and contract details. A new partner can offer more affordable solutions or price plans that better fit your company's budgetary restrictions.

    Vendor Relationships and Certifications

    Changing NetSuite implementation partners gives you the opportunity to collaborate with a partner who has a stronger connection and certifications with NetSuite. This can grant you exclusive resources, early access to product updates, and improved collaboration with NetSuite's support and development teams.

    Get NetSuite Help From Our Team

    Don't let a troubled NetSuite implementation hinder your organization's growth and potential. Trust GURUS Solutions to turn your project around, deliver the results you envisioned, and unleash the full power of NetSuite for your business.

    Here's why you should choose us:

    Unmatched NetSuite Expertise

    With over 15 years of experience as a NetSuite Solution Provider, GURUS Solutions boasts a team of seasoned NetSuite experts. Our certified consultants have successfully implemented NetSuite for a wide range of industries, and they possess the knowledge and skills required to overcome implementation challenges.

    Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

    We understand that every organization has unique requirements and goals. Our team takes the time to understand your business processes, pain points, and desired outcomes. We then customize our NetSuite implementation rescue plan to address your specific needs, ensuring a targeted approach that yields results.

    Efficient Project Assessment

    Our first step in the rescue process is conducting a comprehensive project assessment. We analyze your existing implementation, identify bottlenecks, and pinpoint areas that require immediate attention. This assessment allows us to create a roadmap for recovery and ensure a streamlined and efficient rescue process.

    Ongoing Support and Optimization

    Our partnership doesn't end with the successful rescue of your NetSuite implementation. We offer ongoing support and optimization services to help you continuously improve and adapt your NetSuite system as your business evolves. Our goal is to ensure your long-term success and maximize the return on your NetSuite investment.

    Lack of In-House Expertise

    Transforming NetSuite data requires specialized expertise, and many businesses may not have knowledge or resources to efficiently build a useful data model.

    Leveraging a NetSuite partner with BI and data warehouse experience can mean the difference between a successful and failed BI project.

    Still not convinced? See how GURUS Solutions helped Atlas Machine & Supply, Incorporated with their derailed NetSuite implementation and got them back on track towards success!

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