NetSuite Upgrade Readiness Review

Professional Screening & Testing. Get the Most Out of Your Updates.


Key Benefits

Get a professional Screening for risk assessment and enhancement opportunities.
Ensure your customizations will transition smoothly.
Test updates prior to go-live in a sandbox environment and avoid any hiccups.
General NetSuite Health Check and Optimization.

Get Info on NetSuite's 2020.1 Update

Why does NetSuite update twice a year?

The advantage of being a Cloud-based ERP is that Oracle NetSuite functions as a subscription service. While on-site ERPs require constant maintenance and manual updates to its configuration based on evolving technologies and security requirements, NetSuite offers all of it as an automated service.

NetSuite releases two updates every year, one at the beginning and one towards the end, meant to ensure that you have:

  • The latest features and competitive functionalities in ERP technology
  • Improvements on existing features that factor in user feedback and growing needs
  • Enhancements on security performance and data protection
  • Optimized mobile functionality
  • And more customizability

Where Gurus Provides Support

Professional Screening for:
  • Enhancements: Our NetSuite Gurus will be able to screen your current NetSuite system prior to any update and highlight areas that can be enhanced with new functionalities. Our team will leverage our knowledge of NetSuite and your business model to find ways in which each feature can apply to you.
  • Risk Assessment: Our team will also assess risks – are your current customizations outdated? Will they be impacted by the new update? Is there code that needs to be adapted? We will find what needs to be fixed or optimized.

Don’t wait until the update goes live to find out that some of the new functionalities or changes aren’t compatible with your old customizations / integrations. Our team offers a pre-update testing process where we run your system through the new environment in a sandbox to ensure that come time to update, everything transitions smoothly and you get the best out of your NetSuite.

Why is it important to ask for a screening prior to a new update?

NetSuite’s strongest feature is that it is a constantly evolving subscription model that works through the cloud – so that as technology evolves, so does your system. You want to make sure that you are always aware of these changes and taking advantage of them. Often times, a new security feature or functionality will also impact your past customizations and setup. You want to avoid this by having an expert check to make sure your NetSuite system is ready for the transition.

How do the NetSuite Professionals at Gurus identify risks or enhancements?

Gurus Solutions has over 14 years of experience and specialization in all facets of ERP (from implementation, integration to customization and testing). Our team leverages that depth of knowledge and expertise to identify risks and classify them from small to large. We will then make recommendations on how to overcome them or eliminate them. Once we’ve assessed and managed any potential risks to your vital day to day processes, our next step is to look at how your system can be enhanced and better meet your needs with the features released in the latest update. We will then make new recommendations on how your business model can benefit and help ensure a safe deployment.

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