Oracle NetSuite Support

Get access to expert knowledge and ongoing NetSuite support after your initial go-live phase.


Our NetSuite Support service, SherpaCare, was built to empower your organization to use NetSuite with confidence. Our in-house team of 85+ NetSuite certified professionals are ready to support you to maximize the return on your NetSuite investment.

With our 18 years of implementation, customization, and development within NetSuite, rest assured we have the expertise to not only answer your questions, but to proactively improve your NetSuite instance.

No matter what kind of assistance you are looking for, our team can help you. Here are some of the ways SherpaCare helped other organizations:

  • Ad hoc assistance
  • Solution design
  • Updates assistance
  • Integrating NetSuite with different tools
  • Implementing eCommerce applications
  • Creating workflows & process mapping
  • Developing custom KPI
  • Writing custom scripts 
  • Designing portals and their modification
  • NetSuite Advanced Modules Implementation
  • Customizing NetSuite dashboards
  • Customizing business processes 
  • Building reports and visualizations

What We Offer

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team of Gurus that know your instance will be assigned to you.

Stop Anytime

SherpaCare offers you the ability to stop your services when you feel confident.

Certified NetSuite Partner

Trust a team that has over 200 NetSuite Certifications to back up their knowledge.

Your Own Dedicated Team of GURUS

A team will be assigned to you that is familiar with your organization, how you do things, and most importantly, your goals for your NetSuite system.


  • A committed team that knows your NetSuite instance
  • One Project Manager and two NetSuite Consultants that are experts in their respective fields
  • Regular rotation to ensure no tribal knowledge
  • Complete access to the knowledge of 80+ consultants

Pre-Packaged, Yet Flexible

By leveraging our 18 years of experience, we’ve come up with the perfect package that allows you to rely on our expertise to schedule the required resources while keeping you in control over how the resources are spent, and for what.

Your One-Stop-Shop for NetSuite Support

Your business, and how you run it, is very unique. So is your NetSuite instance and required support. Our consultants are well versed in a multitude of different areas to ensure that regardless of the level of support that you require, we can assist you.

Whether you’re in need of functional support, administrator support, development support, or all the above, SherpaCare is the answer.

Admin Support

  • Ongoing NetSuite administration
  • Maintain secure access
  • Data cleansing and upload
  • Data administration & maintenance
  • Help with optimizing the usage of NetSuite
  • Monitor usage & transactions
  • Provide support for your IT team on technical issues
  • Create new users, roles
  • Create Saved searches
  • General support, analytics
  • Upgrades and testing

Functional Support

  • End User Support
  • Answer How To Questions
  • Provide solutions for business requirements
  • Train new users
  • Help in performing functional tasks and transactions
  • Help your IT team in resolving end user requests
  • Help in running reports/ dashboards
  • Help with using best practices of NetSuite
  • Monitor functional usage and transactions
  • Year and month end processes

Development Support

  • Create New reports
  • Create New dashboards
  • Create or manage automated processes with NetSuite SuiteFlows
  • Enhance NetSuite functionality with scripting using NetSuite SuiteScripts
  • Create Forms
  • Integrations
  • Installation of Suite Bundle as required

Only Pay for the Hours you Use

Stop paying a lot of money for support that you may not use! How many real hours do you get to take advantage of in your support contract? If you don't use them, do you lose them?

Our approach is different. Our monthly reviews focus on the realignment of time/hours not used and outlines new ways to leverage unused support hours in order to optimize your system.

NetSuite Customer Support: When and How You Need It

For NetSuite technical support concerning unexpected ERP implementation issues or keeping an eye on customizations and configurations, our team of NetSuite consultants are available for as much or as little support as you need.

  • Always be in the loop with weekly status update calls with your designated project manager.
  • Get a peek into what is being done with access to JIRA, giving you a real-time view into progress.
  • Remain in direct communication throughout the day with your designated team through Slack.
  • Whether you prefer tickets, calls, or emails, communicating with us is a breeze.

Why Choose GURUS for NetSuite Support?

At Gurus Solutions, we strive to offer the highest level of quality when it comes to our solutions. Over the years, we have mastered the ins and outs of NetSuite. We’ve worked with companies in multiple verticals and are familiar with their best practices. 

  • 18 years of experience
  • 85 NetSuite Consultants
  • 800 Active Customers
  • 2500+ Completed Projects

Don’t take our word for it, check our client page to see how we supported, helped, and guided NetSuite users to success.

NetSuite Support & Optimization Packages

We Offer Training, Health Checks, Support, Technical & Functional Assessments, and More.

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