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Discover the various software solutions that we offer to help businesses optimize operations to better meet and exceed company objectives.


GURUS Solutions was founded with the goal of finding the best software solutions on the market to help companies better manage day-to-day operations, finances, teams, and more. Find the right software solution for your business.

Current Offerings

NetSuite ERP Implementations

Get NetSuite Implementation pricing fast and start your ERP project with North America’s largest, award-winning NetSuite Implementation Partner.

NetSuite Customization

GURUS Solutions has years of experience in ERP customization, optimization, and custom solutions. Talk to us about your project needs today.

ERP System Integrations with Boomi

Learn how GURUS Boomi Integration Services can add intelligent connectivity and automation, and streamline your business.

NetSuite Analytics

Get access to the GURUS NetSuite App Toolkit. A unique suite of products for accessing, extracting, and analyzing your ERP data.

NetSuite Add Ons & Modules

To help you explore NetSuite’s add ons, extensions, modules and popular integrations, GURUS has created a fully comprehensive NetSuite Add Ons Guide.

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