Sun Health Services: A Testament to Successful System Integration with GURUS Solutions

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Sun Health Services stands as a premier senior living organization in Surprise, Arizona. With three senior living communities under its banner, the company offers comprehensive care to its residents, addressing every level of need. 

In addition to these communities, Sun Health Services also manages Sun Health at Home, which provides a sense of security and protection for seniors who wish to age in place. The Sun Health Center for Health and Wellbeing offers a plethora of disease prevention and management programs, fitness classes, and educational initiatives to the larger community in the West Valley region of Phoenix. 

Furthermore, Sun Health Foundation has been a philanthropic pillar of the community for more than 55 years, ensuring that residents in this region have access to the latest technological advancements in healthcare delivery through its support of two community hospitals.

Sun Health Services is committed to enhancing the quality of life for seniors and fostering a community that supports healthy aging. The organization’s extensive range of services and its dedication to the well-being of its residents and community members have established it as a leader in senior care.

The Challenge: Legacy Financial Software

As a forward-thinking organization, Sun Health Services recognized the limitations of its existing infrastructure. The company was operating on several legacy systems, including an outdated financial system GL package. 

While this system had been adequate in the past, it had become increasingly apparent that it was not meeting the organization's current needs. The primary issues were a lack of usability and, more critically, a lack of integration across various systems.

“We had several legacy systems, including our financial system GL package. That was not a bad system in its day, but it was functionally just okay. It really lacked usability and, even most importantly, by far, lacked the ability to integrate with other systems.”
Gene Rawls, Vice President of Program Management at Sun Health Services

The presence of siloed data within these systems meant that valuable information was not easily accessible or usable. This fragmentation hindered the organization’s ability to make informed decisions and leverage their data effectively. 

Sun Health Services needed a solution that would not only integrate these disparate systems but also improve usability and provide comprehensive access to their data.

The Solution: Partnering with the right NetSuite solution provider

In seeking a solution, Sun Health Services turned to GURUS Solutions, a trusted partner known for their expertise in NetSuite implementations. The collaboration aimed to modernize the company’s systems, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced data accessibility.

Gene Rawls recalls the initial stages of the partnership:

“GURUS came to the discovery process with procedures ready to go. So they came with their plan, their script. They knew what they needed to gather so that they could get to know us, get to understand our needs, and help us understand the alignment of NetSuite to those needs.”

Gene Rawls, Vice President of Program Management at Sun Health Services

GURUS Solutions impressed Sun Health Services with their /about-us/approach. The discovery process was thorough, enabling GURUS to gain a deep understanding of Sun Health’s operational needs and challenges. 

This understanding was crucial in aligning NetSuite’s capabilities with the organization’s requirements.

The structured process during the discovery phase set the tone for the entire project. The rigor and attention to detail that GURUS Solutions exhibited were indicative of their commitment to excellence. Gene Rawls highlights this point:

“The fact that they had that process in their sales is a great indicator of their approach to their work. Past behavior is indicative of [the] future, that they would bring the same rigor to their project implementation efforts.”

Gene Rawls, Vice President of Program Management at Sun Health Services

NetSuite ERP Implementation and Collaboration

The implementation phase was marked by a collaborative spirit and a strong sense of partnership. GURUS Solutions assembled a team of highly skilled professionals, each bringing their own expertise to the table. 

This team was not just technically proficient but also deeply committed to understanding and addressing the unique needs of Sun Health Services.

“One of the best things I can say is we don’t feel like just a number. They put together a team. The caliber of team members that they bring to the table are impressive. And then to have them available to us, we don’t pick up the phone and call them throughout the day, but they’re very responsive.”

The engagement was characterized by frequent and effective communication. 

GURUS Solutions ensured that multiple team members were familiar with Sun Health’s operations, providing a robust support system. This multi-faceted approach meant that Sun Health Services always had access to the right expertise when needed.

“It’s not just one person that’s getting to know us, it’s several with their own skill sets, and they work closely together, keeping our best interest in mind. It truly is one team working together, you know, our team working with the GURUS team.”

An important aspect of the implementation was retooling Sun Health’s processes to fully leverage the capabilities of the new system. Instead of simply adapting old processes to fit the new system, GURUS Solutions helped Sun Health Services redesign their workflows to optimize performance and efficiency.

“When we went to the GURUS and went to put in the system, one thing we asked is for them to help us retool our processes, to take full advantage of the system rather than take our old processes and figure out how to make it work on a new system.”

This proactive approach facilitated a smoother transition and ensured that the organization could maximize the benefits of the new system. The team’s dedication to training and support was instrumental in helping Sun Health Services navigate the changes.

“The team’s been well trained and well supported, and the best thing is the access to data. We’re starting to reap the benefits from that now.”

Results and Benefits of an ERP Implementation

The partnership with GURUS Solutions has yielded significant benefits for Sun Health Services. The organization now enjoys enhanced integration across its systems, providing comprehensive access to critical data. This integration has improved operational efficiency and enabled better decision-making.

The retooling of processes has also led to a more streamlined and effective workflow, allowing Sun Health Services to take full advantage of the capabilities of NetSuite. The organization is now better positioned to meet the needs of its residents and community members, with a robust and integrated system supporting its operations.

For Sun Health Services, the decision to partner with GURUS Solutions has proven to be a strategic and invaluable one. The expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit of the GURUS team have been instrumental in transforming the organization’s systems and processes.

“I absolutely would recommend GURUS. It becomes very clear that when you make this decision with NetSuite and partner with the GURUS, it’s a package deal. I would not buy NetSuite without GURUS, but I wouldn’t pick another system because I wouldn’t have them.”

The success of this partnership underscores the importance of choosing the right implementation partner. With GURUS Solutions, Sun Health Services has not only modernized its systems but also positioned itself for continued success and growth in the future.

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