A4 Architecture + Design Gains Traction With NetSuite

About the Company


A4 Architecture + Design is an architectural firm, with additional services in interior design. Located in the heart of Gatineau, Quebec, A4 caters to a variety of clients in health, residential, commercial, public, and industrial. Founded in 2014, the company offers a full project lifecycle from project start-up to completion,based on a collaborative, sustainable, and proactive approach.


What They Were Looking For


Due to encumbered Excel sheets with crucial information that was consistently imported and exported from different sources, error-prone data was inevitable. This led to a loss of trust with not only internal teams but with external stakeholders and clients.

The current tools and systems didn’t have a unique database nor an automated integration to ensure real-time data and accurate reports.

For a company that has a multitude of projects on the go at one time, real-time reporting and proper dashboard visualization is crucial for management. It also establishes a solid foundation and collaboration between departments on project status.

The Solution They Found

NetSuite soon became the obvious choice thanks to its high-level visualization capabilities, user-friendly interface, and easy navigation. 

Rather than A4 Architecture + Design having to work how the new software worked, they were able to operate the way they needed to. In other words, all valuable information and business operation processes were defined by the company itself. 

The GURUS approach ensured a transparent, no fluff process that provided A4 Architecture + Design with a smooth transition into NetSuite.

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